Common Air Conditioning Myths that Cost You Money

When your home suddenly feels less comfortable, you often think of turning down the thermostat, closing off vents, or buying a bigger air conditioning system in Post Falls, ID. Unfortunately, that’s not always the solution.

When it comes to your A/C, a serious action plan is needed to solve the problem. Believing in the things you heard around will just cause you more trouble in the long run, including discomfort and higher utility costs.

Read this article to know the common A/C misconceptions that can cost you money:

Your A/C can cause a summer cold.

Air conditioning systems in Post Falls, ID are often blamed for cold, asthma, and allergy among family members. In fact, it is the virus or bacteria lingering around your home that causes the illness. It could be possible that your air filter, vent, or ductwork is dirty. Have those parts inspected and serviced regularly.

Your home will cool faster when you turn the thermostat down.

Absolutely wrong! Know that even if you set your thermostat to the lowest setting, your air conditioner will still run at the same pace. What you need to do is set your temperature setting close to the outside temperature to save some cash.

Bigger A/Cs work better.

If you have a bigger unit installed, your home will not be as comfortable as you expect. Air conditioning systems in Post Falls, ID with high cooling capacity that’s installed in a small space will cause frequent short cycling. The compressor will be forced to turn on and off quickly, resulting in a premature breakdown, excessive stress to the system, and higher cooling costs.

Turning off the A/C when no one is around will save you energy.

If you leave home for work daily and always turn off your air conditioner, thinking that it could save you energy, you’re absolutely wrong. Then, you turn down the temperature setting when you arrive home, running your air conditioning system in Post Falls, ID in full blast. Doing so will cause excess strain to your system and increased energy use.

Air filters should be replaced once per year.

Wrong! Air filters need to be replaced at least once a month or every three months. Air filters trap and collect dust, dirt, and other harmful airborne particles before they get inside your home. If they are clogged, they won’t do their job properly, causing poor airflow, added stress in your air conditioning system in Post Falls, ID.

The location of your thermostat doesn’t affect your A/C operation.

The truth is your thermostat should not be installed in a place where it’s hit by direct sunlight or near any heat-emitting appliances. If you do so, it will read the temperature wrongly, thinking that your indoor space is warmer than the actual. Ask your contractor about the proper placement of your thermostat.

Fans keep your rooms cool.

Fans help move the cool air throughout your home without affecting the temperature of the air. They don’t provide a cooling effect directly but facilitate cooling your home through the cold air blown by the air conditioner.

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