Common Cooktop Repair Problems

Today, it’s usual to use gas, electric or induction cooktops for making dinner or breakfast. Each option has its own pros and cons, as well as the ways of appearing some malfunctions. In this article, we’re speaking about the failures of equipment, the causes of their happening and ways to fix cooktops.

Reasons for Cooktop Failures

In general, it isn’t hard to find a breakdown of electric cooktops if one knows how to use a multimeter. Not having this device, you will need to have a special indicator screwdriver that shows the presence of voltage in the chosen section of your circuit.

  • Wrong operation. The cookware is incorrectly positioned on the hob, or when its diameter is less than 70% of the heating zone. Besides, a loose fit of the bottom of the pan (frying pan or kettle) to the surface of the stove may provoke a problem.
  • Burners doesn’t work due to incorrect switching sequence. According to the operating instructions, in order to turn on the panel, you need to use the sensors to select the desired burner first and then set the required power level. Moreover, the dishes installed on the heating element must have ferromagnetic properties.
  • The induction surface may make noise when the heater is set to excessive power. Moreover, the dishes with a thin or too thick bottom (made of several layers of metal) lead to immediate breakdowns.
  • In many cases, malfunctions occur due to damage to the mains power cable. Therefore, any repair begins with checking its integrity. Initially, the condition of the cord should be checked visually, and then one can use a multimeter (tester). After making sure that the cable is working properly, you can move on — check the operability of the fuses and the condition of the contacts in the terminal boxes.

The identified defects need to be eliminated (replace fuses, clean contacts, change parts that have been broken, etc.).

Why the Sensor Doesn’t Work

It’s better to contact specialists if such an issue occurred. However, before any cooktops repair, you have to know some basic information about the main confusing part of the device – its sensor.

The human body is a kind of capacitor and has a certain electrical capacity. It clearly manifests itself, for example, when touching the antenna of the radio receiver with your hand. This improves or worsens the reception quality of the station. When the sensor is touched, the capacity of the body increases the capacity of the touch pad. The microcontroller registers this change and turns on the corresponding mode.

If the sensor doesn’t function, most likely, the problem lies in the breakdown of this very electronic control module. Its replacement will entail significant costs. However, don’t get upset ahead of time. This may also mean that the wiring or contacts are damaged, which won’t be difficult for the master to replace or repair. Moreover, it won’t lead to great expenses.

It’s always better to find a good appliance repair service. Specialists examine the device and fix it quickly. 

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