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Common Safety Issues Found During Home Inspections

Once you have chosen a house and made up your mind to buy it, it’s time to order a home inspection to ensure that the house is in proper condition and has all its necessary elements working perfectly fine. With each passing time, safety issues have grown up to be a genuine concern before moving into a house. 

Sacramento home inspector are certified and sufficiently knowledgeable about identifying these safety issues and helping find solutions. 

When it comes to addressing roofing issues revealed in inspections, consulting with the best roofers in Venice can provide the expertise needed to ensure your home is safe and well-maintained.

Some Of The Standard Safety Issues That Are Found During Home Inspection:

  1. Electrical safety and wiring issues: Electrical problems take up one-fifth of the safety issues found during inspections. It is usually seen that either the wiring is wrong for the building, under-code, or is too small. If not, then the wiring systems are either too old or not adequately insulated. Even the most minor issues in electrical systems can turn into a massive tragedy as there have been significant numbers of electric fires and death resulting from it.
  2. Badly off drainage and grading: Poor grading or drainage problems might result in cracked concrete slabs, water pooling into the yard, and water penetration into the basement. It can also create uneven terrain where you might trip and fall. Regrading the surface can be an effective solution to this.
  3. Damaged roofing system: There are many homes where the roofing needs to be entirely replaced or repaired. Rebuilding the roof or even repairing the roof is very costly and can cost you a lot of money. Lack of maintenance or improper roof installation is the cause, as a result of which shingles might flow away and strike anyone, thereby causing injury. Also, it can result in leakage developments of mold or insects like rodents which can spread diseases.
  4. Faulty or outdated heating: Inspectors can find issues with the home’s heating system. If unsafe flue vents, chimney blockages, broken furnaces, or cracks in the heat exchanger or heater controls don’t work, it might cause hazardous accidents like breaking out of a fire. Apart from that, this also increases your carbon footprint and electric bills.
  5. Problems in Plumbing: The most common plumbing problems are clogged drains, toilets, leaks in faucets or pipes, low water pressure, and running toilets. It can be identified if any area stinks. These problems are destructive and unhygienic. Besides, fixing these problems is expensive and frustrating.
  6. Ventilators and HVAC issues: With people spending quite a lot of time indoors, a functional HVAC system is very effective for maintaining the air quality and our health and comfort. HVAC running with dirty or no filter brings down the air quality and makes it unhealthy for breathing. HVAC systems are vital and one of the most expensive elements of the house, so it is indispensable to double-check its quality by asking the inspectors. Sacramento home inspectors would readily identify the condition of the HVAC systems and let you know about it. 


These were some of the standard safety issues that Sacramento home inspectors have observed throughout the years of their service. They are the most experienced in inspection, so if you are wondering about ordering an inspection, you should check this out. 


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