Complete CA Final Syllabus on Time with VSI Study Hacks

VSI Study Hacks you Must Know to Complete CA Final Syllabus on Time

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CA Final is one of the toughest and the lengthiest courses in the entire Chartered Accountancy course. Many students often ask for study tips that can help them to complete the CA Final Syllabus on time. So, here we have brought the best study hacks by VSI Jaipur that will help them complete the CA Final syllabus 2022 on time. We’ll also provide some preparation tips for students to get the best CA Final result.

But why tips from VSI Jaipur? VSI has secured seven AIR-1 in the last few years. Moreover, VSI student Garima Kothari has secured AIR 8 in the CA Final result of July 2021.

VSI Study Tips To Compete CA Final Syllabus

Let us go through the study tips that VSI suggests to complete CA Final Syllabus 2022 on time.

Do not Follow Numerous Study Materials

VSI suggests the students go through particular study materials and not gather bundles of those. This might look fancy and cool but will make you confused. So, students should give priority to ICAI CA Final study material. Other than that, you can refer to the study materials from any good coaching institute that provides a proper explanation and is made according to ICAI guidelines.

Follow the ABC Analysis Technique

Students are always suggested not to skip any topics. But it is difficult to cover up all the CA Final syllabus without proper planning. So, VSI suggests students make a list where they need to keep the topics a priority. Make sure that the topics containing more weightage should be completed first, and others should be placed respectively. Accordingly, you can make your CA Final study plan by considering the weightage and frequency of the topics in the syllabus.

Make Personal Short Notes for Each Subject

Nothing can help you more than the short notes that you prepare while covering the CA Final subjects. This is why VSI highly encourages the students to make short notes in their own handwriting. These notes will help you to do the revisions when the Final exams are near. The brief notes should be short, crisp, and neatly written.

Take Care of Your Health

While making and following the CA Final preparation strategy, students generally neglect their health. All the students have to understand that your health plays a vital role in the entire CA Final exam preparation. A healthy body and mind will work hundred times than the one which is stressed and tired. So, RC Sharma Sir (Chairman of VSI Jaipur) highly suggests that students take care of their sleeping schedule, eating habits, and meditations or exercise. Do not break your meal cycles and take the meals on time.

Go through the Updated Amendments

Now, this is something very crucial from the perspective of the paper and something VSI always focused on. You should follow the latest CA Final syllabus and also stay updated with all the upgraded provisions, sections, and the latest laws. The students who are aiming to gain good marks must ponder over this tip.

Go through the Relevant Case Laws as per your Attempt

Case laws are a significant part of the CA Final exam syllabus, but VSI thinks that all of them are difficult to cover. So, focus on the case laws according to the attempt that you are giving. Also, go through the newly added case laws. And, try to focus on the conclusion part of the Case Laws.

More Tips from VSI Jaipur to Perform Well in the CA Final Exams

Practice Mock Test Papers

According to CA RC Sharma Sir, mock tests plays a 40% role in students’ CA Final result. This is the reason why VSI frequently conducts mock tests and suggests students give at least 6 to 7 before exams. So, make sure that you have practised enough mock test papers in your preparation days. Start with solving questions and then move on to the CA Final mock test papers. The mock test also lets you experience the exam vibe and help in learning time management.

Revise the CA Final Syllabus for 3 Times

After completing the entire CA Final syllabus 2022, the most important thing is the revision. VSI suggests the students should do at least three revisions. It is required to sustain whatever you have studied. Moreover, keep in mind that you do not wait for the last month for the revisions. As you go on finishing the topics, start revising them. During the revisions, you can check whether you have any doubts and get it cleared by the teachers.

Learn the Answer Presentation Skills

Answer presentation matters a lot in your CA Final Exams. VSI suggests that students should focus on their answer writing skills while giving the mock tests. Students must learn to present an answer with proper headings, sub-headings, or diagrams. Also, do not focus on the length of the solution; instead, focus more on writing relevant points.

Why is VSI Perfect for CA Final Preparation?

VSI provides the best preparation hacks and provides ultimate guidance to the students for CA Final Preparation. Here let us go through the primary reasons that make VSI a perfect place for CA Final Preparation.

  • VSI covers the entire CA Final Syllabus as per the ABC analysis where the topics are divided based on their weightage. Teachers start the course as per their CA Final study plan and complete the entire syllabus early so that students get enough time for revisions and practice.
  • VSI Jaipur conducts 3 mock tests for each CA Final subject so that the students can prepare properly for the exam. It means you are going to give at least 24 mock tests before appearing in the exams. The mock test paper is set by expert faculty on the basis of the ICAI syllabus and includes all the topics.
  • Each CA Final student at VSI is provided personalized guidance based on the marks of their mock test. Teachers analyze the weak and the strong topics of the students and accordingly advise them to follow a particular study plan.


Now you know how to complete the CA Final syllabus on time. This is just an overview as everything can’t be told in a blog. For more details, you can visit the VSI Jaipur website. Moreover, for sure success in the exams, you can join the CA Final classes of VSI Jaipur. It is the sole place to provide you with the best guidance to crack CA Final Exam.


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