Complete Your Daily Skin Care Routine With Face Moisturizer

People often include new things in their daily skincare routine to make their skin look beautiful. However, skincare routines cannot be completed without moisturizers. Moisturizers work in two ways; first, they trap moisture in your skin, creating a shield temporarily, or they bring back the lost moisture which is present in the outermost layer of your skin. The moisturizer contains ingredients like occlusives, humectants, emollients, and Skin barrier repair ingredients. If you are looking for the best face moisturizer, Rejuvenate would be an ideal choice for you.

  • Occlusives – It is a petroleum-like ingredient that forms a protective shield on your face.
  • Humectants – Humectants are acids, either hyaluronic or bionic acids; these acids help in pulling out the water from deep skin or water present in the atmosphere.
  • Emollients – These ingredients are like glycerine which helps to fill the cracks and roughness in the skin, making it smooth and supple.

What are the benefits of using face moisturizers?

One of the simplest benefits of using a face moisturizer is that it prevents skin from getting hydrated or provides hydration to your skin. Apart from this, they can also improve your skin barrier if you start moisturizing your face regularly. They also have some excellent anti-aging ingredients that help soothe sensitive skin and improve skin tone and texture. These moisturizers can make skin look healthy and firm. You can do it with serum or after applying the serum to activate the serum’s nutrients.

What is a skin barrier, and how can moisturizer repair it?

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that works as a shield; the skin barrier protects you from various environmental problems like stressors, inflammations, and irritation. In addition, the skin barrier holds the moisturizer present deep under your skin. Sometimes your skin barrier gets damaged by environmental factors like pollution, smoking, or over-exposure to the sun. Some physical damage can also damage skin barriers, such as over-exfoliating the face or using chemical products. Don’t worry if you have a damaged skin barrier; it can be repaired by the user of Rejuvenate face moisturizer.

How to repair it?

Includes the moisture which contains ceramides and humectants to your skincare routine to restore your skin barrier. Ceramides help to help to hold on to hydrating agents like water present in your body. While humectants are glycerine and hyaluronic acids, they help to pull water from your deep skin (Dermis) toward the epidermis. This keeps your face moisturized and repairs your skin barrier.

How to use moisturizer?

It is highly recommended to be applied on a clean face; you must wash your face before applying moisturizers. They can also be applied to damp skin because they effectively seal moisture in the skin. Exfoliation of your face is also very important; after a face wash, you can use a baby washcloth or a cotton pad for exfoliation every time you wash your face. Exfoliation is important because it helps to remove dead skin from your face so that moisturizer penetrates directly into your skin.

Take a few amounts of moisturizer in your hands and apply it using your fingertips; make sure to rub it lightly in a circular motion until your face absorbs it all. And don’t forget that neck is also a part of the skin; include your neck while applying moisturizers.

There are plenty of moisturizing products which can be applied overnight; using moisturizer overnight can be very effective, which makes your skin look more beautiful and supple. There is no perfect timing to moisturize your face; you can do it after washing your face. You can also apply moisturizer two times a day, once in the daytime and a second at night.


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