Compressor Oil is a mineral-based oil that is prepared to prolong the service-life of compressors in various sectors

Compressor oil is formulated using high-quality mineral base oils and a high-performance additive system to provide the best protection and reliability for compressors. The main purpose of compressor oil is to remove the heat generated during the compression process. These oils provide a wide range of benefits for various types of machinery and equipment. They can also provide extended drain intervals, enabling cost savings. A good quality oil uses additives to prevent metal from rubbing against one another and cools down the system so that the element does not overheat. Moreover, high-quality compressor oils are cheaper than their counterparts. In addition to this, they extend the drain interval. Besides, the higher cost of the product makes it more competitive. For instance, in December 2021, Howden Group Holdings, a major insurance firm in the U.K., acquired Compressor Products International, Inc. (CPI), a subsidiary of EnPro Industries, to venture into the compressed oil sector. Aside from the growing demand for compressor oil, the demand for compressed air is also increasing due to rising production in a wide variety of industrial applications.

According to Coherent Market Insights, the increasing demand for compressor oil from marine, refrigeration, and automotive industry is expected to boost growth of the compressor oil market during the forecast period. Moreover, refilling of compressor oil in end-use industries such as power generation, oil & gas, and others during maintenance period also helps to boost the compressor oil market growth.

Different types of compressor oil have different viscosities. For instance, synthetic oils are less costly than their counterparts. In general, the synthetic type is better for intermittent or light applications. The more expensive versions are more suitable for heavy-duty machines. But, there are some differences between them. If it is for industrial use, then the heavy-duty synthetic variant is preferred. The type of oil used in machines will depend on the specifics of any operation.

Its high-performance additives, including mineral and synthetic oils, provide excellent protection from rust and corrosion while also providing excellent lubrication for air compressors. Besides, its anti-wear properties, oxidation resistance, and thermal stability make it a preferred choice for the industry. Compressor oil in the 68-degree grade is recommended for rotary vane and screw compressors.


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