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Convert PDF to PowerPoint Slides With These 5 Easy-to-Use Tools

PDFs were originally meant to be uneditable, so any attempt to convert them from one form to the other on your own would be hectic and take a lot of time. This is where file converters come into the picture to assist you. With file converters, you can convert PDF to PowerPoint slides effortlessly.

When searching for these tools online, note that several converters charge a fee for their service. So be sure that the tool you’re looking at is reliable and also has free trials so you can try it out before buying it.

The best PDF to PowerPoint converters provide many features such as the ability to password protect PDF files, have a ‘destructible’ document folder, rotate and flip through slides, etc. Here are some of the best PDF to PowerPoint converters you can find online.

1. PDFBear

PDF bear is an excellent PDF to PPT converter which converts PDF to PPT and different other formats in just four easy steps. All you have to do is upload the document you would like to convert, wait for the conversion to take place, then you can easily download it into your computer for your personal use.

PDF bear is also available for free and so is an ideal solution for people who have little money for purchasing any other expensive tool. Security is vital, as your PDF files might contain sensitive or personal information. PDFBear ensures confidentiality by deleting your documents 1hr after you upload them on the site.

2. Small PDF

The good thing about SmallPDF is it not only converts PDF documents to PPT, but it also allows you to edit the existing content into PDF documents. To use small pdf, you can easily import files through Dropbox or Google Drive or even just upload a current PDF to convert it to a PowerPoint presentation.

There are many features available in the software, such as undo/redo part, image zoom, and a lot more. This software is available at no cost at all, so you do not have to worry about paying.

Besides converting PDF documents, SmallPDF to PowerPoint conversion tools also allows you to do other PDF work like conversion of Word documents to PPT. Also, you can share your work using social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ or email it to your colleagues or friends.

3. Soda PDF

You can use Soda PDF for converting word documents, converting PDFs to PPT, and just about anything you can convert a PDF file to. This software is so easy to use that you can do it yourself without prior file editing skills, no need to hire a third party to convert your document.

Converting to Soda PDF means you can have all the benefits of having your original document. At the same time, have the presentation version available to anyone who needs a copy. Use Soda PDF from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Suppose your PDF has images, no need to worry. In that case, Soda PDF has an integrated image editor that allows me to easily resize images, change their shape, and edit them within the document before printing.

4. Adobe Acrobat

To convert PDF to PPT with adobe acrobat, click on the “export” button. From the menu, click on Microsoft PowerPoint and then export. When a window pops up, select the location you would like to save your PowerPoint. Remember to click “save” when you’re done. This may take some time, depending on how large your PDF file is.

PDF documents are fully editable, just like word documents. Adobe Acrobat allows for simple conversion to Microsoft Word or other PDF formats and opening attachments directly from within the PDF files. These features make it highly suitable for any document or presentation, as the conversion tool is quite efficient.

It is possible to download and try out the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, either for free or on a trial basis, before you decide to upgrade to the full version. To do this, first, download and install the latest Acrobat Pro update from Adobe.


With an excellent PDF to PPT converter, you could convert files in a matter of minutes. There are so many of these tools available on the internet today. Before you purchase one, use the free trial and make sure it has all the functions you need. Some of these converters are free. For some others, you must pay for an upgrade to access more features tunai4d.

Converting a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation is relatively easy with PDF to PowerPoint converters. You just need to open the tool, pick a template, pick a function, upload or drag and drop the contents from the PDF, click on ‘convert,’ and wait for the conversion to complete.


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