Cooltone Treatment Areas Guide – Learn What’s Best for You

Are you tired of visiting the gym every day and only getting minimal results? Working hard and not getting the desired results can be frustrating. You can now achieve your body goals results without putting too much work and time at the gym by having Cooltone treatment.

What is Cooltone?

Cooltone is a noninvasive and nonsurgical treatment that strengthens, tones, and tightens the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. It works by stimulating involuntary and numerous muscle contractions. The treatment reduces fats in targeted areas by toning muscle and creating the contoured and sculpted physique you need and desire.

How Cooltone works

Cooltone treatment targets burning fat by using magnetic muscle stimulation and sending electromagnetic energy pulses into specific body parts. The time taken to complete a session ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the target area and your body goals.

No anesthesia is used in the procedure. The estimated contractions that happen in your muscles are 25,000 within a single session. The targeted muscles adapt to the applied intensity and develop muscle tissue that features a contoured and toned appearance.

Cooltone treatment from Sculpt Spa uses liquid-cooled applicators that may make you uncomfortable for a few minutes before your body adjusts to the temperature. The treatment is not painful, and the treatment plan is customized to best fit different individuals.

Described below are different target areas you can use Cooltone treatment to better.


Using Cooltone treatment is similar to doing hundreds of squats, leg lifts, and other exercises that help get your butt in good shape. If you have done this exercise at the gym without getting the desired results, you should consider getting a butt enhancement using Cooltone treatment.

Cooltone treatment works your muscles, tones, and strengthens areas around your butt to ultimately give you a better curve with a tight and well-lifted booty. Each session takes less than an hour with the provider delivering enough energy for supramaximal muscle contractions in your butt, using Cooltone equipment.

Cooltone treatment, from a reliable treatment center or Spa, gives you an elevated butt by working on and strengthening your gluteal muscles.


Working to get toned thighs can take a long time when relying on the gym alone. If you are looking to have your thighs toned in specific areas, it is also challenging for exercising and may not be very specific on where the toning and strengthening should increase and where it shouldn’t. However, Cooltone treatment can get you the desired look and tone on specific thigh muscles.


Struggling with abdominal fats that choose not to go away despite regular exercises is a great nuisance. Cooltone treatment bypasses the skin, nerves and fat to instigate involuntary muscle contractions that help clear muscle fat.

When looking to have more defined abs Cooltone will give you that. Additionally, the treatment works to narrow separated abdominal fat that occurs due to pregnancy. You do not have to get surgery to get rid of the fat.


Are you considering Cooltone treatment to help achieve your body goals? We hope this guide helps in making an informed decision on the body areas you can better use Cooltone treatment.


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