Cosmetic dentist services: beauty aesthetics of your smile

The desire to have not only beautiful but also healthy teeth contributed to the formation of such a branch of medicine as cosmetic dentistry. This type of service is available to everyone. Today, virtually every dentist who treats teeth is engaged in providing cosmetic dentist services every day.

What is the service of cosmetic dentistry?

Traditional dentistry services are based on maintaining healthy gums and teeth; cosmetic dentistry services aim to emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the smile. Advances in this field allow specialists to carry out actions to improve the condition of the teeth, regardless of the complexity of the case. This area of medicine has been around for a long time, and the materials used today have an attractive appearance, quality and durability.

What procedures include cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentist services include the following manipulations:

  • implantology. Installation of one or more teeth;
  • restoration. A procedure to improve the appearance of a broken, chipped tooth;
  • veneering. Veneers are used for this purpose. They cover the top layer of the teeth, masking yellowing and defects;
  • whitening. Brightening, discolored teeth;
  • crown augmentation. If the patient has an uneven gum line, doctors remove part of it in order to shorten and lengthen the teeth;
  • Complete restoration of the oral cavity. Restoration and correction of teeth, upper and lower jaw bite.

What to look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist

It is necessary to find out about the experience of the specialist. The outcome of the cosmetic procedure will directly depend on it. In general, any narrowly focused dentist in the field, can provide cosmetic services, while passing levels of advanced training. It is also worth checking out beforehand the photos of patients, before and after the treatment, reviews of the specialist, certificates of qualification, which should be published both on the clinic’s website and in person at the doctor’s office.

Cosmetic dentist services from The Dental Concierge

The Dental Concierge, a dental clinic, provides cosmetic dentistry services to its clients. When you visit a specialist you will receive a consultation, an examination of your oral cavity, after which the doctor will determine which type of aesthetic dentistry is right for you: implantation, professional restoration, whitening, veneering.

Why visit a dental clinic

The Dental Concierge:

  • individual approach to each individual patient;
  • the use of the latest methods of treatment;
  • thousands of satisfied customers with the smile of their dreams;
  • Each patient receives a digital mock-up of what the smile will look like after treatment;
  • the use of modern equipment;
  • affordable prices and high standards of dental services.


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