COSPLAY Makeup Tips for the Face

We all understand how important makeup skills are in cosplaying a character, and we won’t go into detail here. We often hear new cosplayers asking for help with their makeup, but not all experienced cosplayers are very good at it, because different character styles have different makeup requirements, so we only use a general example to teach you how to do makeup, and hope that you can adapt, of course, there are more specific makeup tutorials we will share. Thanks to the providers.

Supplies: foundation (powder or liquid), concealer, brush, puff/sponge, powder, blush brush, blush powder, etc. 

Specific operations. 

1. powder foundation. 

In cosplay, especially in flat shots, it’s very easy to get the “pancake face” effect, in which people who are obviously very thin are photographed with a rounded face. 

To solve this problem, we must first prepare two different shades of foundation, dipping a puff in a lighter shade and patting it on the cheeks, then using another puff to apply a small amount of darker foundation to the forehead, bridge of the nose, and other parts of the face that are taller, creating a three-dimensional color difference. I would like to advise all cosplayers not to use too white or too thick of a foundation for special effects. This will not only damage your skin, but sometimes create an unnatural effect. Finally, use a sponge to gently pat away any floating powder on your face. 

2. liquid foundation.

First, place the foundation in the palm of your hand. Rub it in with your fingertips and warm it with body heat to enhance the softness of the foundation. Then apply it under the eyes. Place the foundation on your cheeks and apply it in a radial motion. Using your fingertips, apply the foundation from the cheeks to the outside of the cheeks, then to the center of the face. Apply the foundation in a downward motion from the forehead. Use your fingertips to push the foundation around the eyes and the sides of the nose. Finish with a sponge. Press gently to absorb the excess liquid and oil so that there is no uneven tone. The advantage of using liquid foundation is that it is less likely to leave a residue, and it is also less likely to damage the original foundation when using blotting papers, which makes it more suitable for cosplayers with dry skin. 

3. powders.

Apply powder to the upper eyelid to cover up puffiness. 4.  

4. concealer.

Usually use your fingers directly, without borrowing other makeup tools. Dab the concealer around the eyes, where dark circles are often found. Areas with small pimples or blemishes can be applied directly with a makeup brush and concealer. Any makeup can irritate the skin and adding concealer that is too thick can also clog pores and increase the number of small pimples. 

5. blush.

After applying all the foundation, we can apply the blush. It is important to note that blushes are not always red, and the color should be chosen according to the main color of your makeup. Blushers are similar in size to powders, but in a pinch, you can use eye shadow powder instead. If you have a small amount of color with a brush, pat it on your hand a few times to shake off any floating color, otherwise it will be too strong and ruin the foundation. Even if you need heavy makeup, you should apply blush gradually, layer by layer. Draw a round blush, centered on the highest part of your cheek. Make a smiling motion and repeat the circle with the center of your cheeks as the standard. 

6. lip gloss. 

The usual usage is to apply it directly on the lips first, sip the upper and lower lips, the color will be fixed on the mouth, and then use a small brush to fix a certain type, very easy. In order to remove makeup quickly and conveniently, often people will apply a thin layer of lip balm before applying lip gloss . 

The equipment is relatively simple: lip balm (according to individual needs), lipstick/lip gloss, several small brushes (different colors of lip gloss, preferably not the same brush ), tissues, etc. 

In general, cosplayers who pay attention to these face makeup tips will have a better looking face and will be more in tune with the character they are playing. It’s not difficult to learn these tricks, but it takes practice and diligence to create a truly beautiful look. If you want to learn more about cosplay, you should visit Cosplaylab, not only a website that sells cosplay costume, but also a blog that includes cosplay tutorials, cosplayer interviews, reviews, and cosplayer demos. Come join us!


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