Costs You May Not Be Factoring In When Moving to California

Costs You May Not Be Factoring In When Moving to California

Moving to California entails a lengthy and costly to-do list. Having a strategy for spending will guarantee that your budget doesn’t get lost in the shuffle while you’re considering where to live and what to carry.


When it comes to renting, California occupies an intriguing niche. San Francisco apartments are among the top ten most expensive rent states in the country. The average monthly rent in San Francisco is around $2,750.


When you’re young and unmarried, moving your belongings is usually a breeze. You order a few pizzas, stock up on alcohol, and gather your family and friends to assist you in loading your belongings into pickup trucks, cars and/or a U-Haul. Unfortunately, a few children and a decade later, the same folks that assisted you in moving into your first apartment may no longer be as enthusiastic. Hiring movers relieves a lot of the stress that comes with moving. Moving firms can handle all aspects of your move, from packing your possessions and disassembling your furniture to transporting your belongings and unpacking them in your new home. 

Size of Your Move

The more items you move, the more money it will cost. The size of the rooms may also have an impact on the relocation. Moving a large number of rooms might be challenging for movers and take longer. A house with a lot of steps could also be a factor. Moving stuff from a basement or attic will be more difficult for movers than moving items from a single story. You’ll want to be sure you’re only taking stuff to California that you actually want. This is the ideal moment to tidy your home.

Distance of the Move

Another factor that will influence the price is the distance you are travelling. The bigger the cost, the further the move. You must also consider if this is an interstate or intrastate migration when calculating the distance. Interstate relocation is more expensive since the moving firm must be licensed. 

Time of Year

Moving during the summer can be up to 25% more expensive. Relocating when moving companies are in lower demand can undoubtedly lower your expenditures. As a result, avoid moving during the peak moving season if at all possible. Moving between the end of September and the end of April is the best time to save money.