COVID PCR Test Certificates; Facilitating or Threatening The World 


COVID-19 was revealed on March 11, 2020 as a global disease. The origin of this disease is Wuhan, China, spreading throughout the world unhindered later on. According to WHO’ vaccines, the most effective treatment up till now, decreases the severity of this particular disease. Which is proven with the help of COVID certificate verification. However since the vaccine drives gained speed, it made room for fraudsters to provide people with fake negative and vaccination reports across many countries. To detect the virus presence, different tests have been introduced, among which PCR is the most accepted and globally recognized test for COVID-19. After undergoing the test process, it is necessary to get the COVID certificate verification. Not just this, the new type of certification mentioned in the guidelines by EU is the digital vaccine certification and its verification. 

Rising Problems – Elucidations

After a massive global shutdown caused by COVID-19 in 2020, life is getting back on track but in a completely changed way. Travellers while traveling either intercountry or intracountry are required to show proof of their negative PCR test report. So much so that the COVID-19 PCR test report is now demanded by some companies also. Consequently, people to escape the hassle are looking for other ways which criminals have taken advantage of. They provide people with fraudulent reports similar to the original ones. Nonetheless, the reports are so real that verification techniques fail to detect their authenticity and for that the companies and citizens are in need of professional and technical software to identify the fake reports and verify covid certificates. 

A man was caught in a similar case from Luton Airport in the U.K., more of them were caught elsewhere selling fake test reports for $137. This does not end here, reports are just an example, fake testing kits were also supplied by taking advantage of the lazy working-from-home people. 


Vaccines and test results which are in paper form are more exposed to altering and changing of the information. This largely causes people their money and affects the economy simultaneously, leading to a lift of faith from agencies. A survey conducted by IATA showed an estimated financial loss in Australia ranging from 77 to 100 US dollars all because of the rate of fake PCR test reports, that is 90 US dollars and 100 to 150 US dollars in Japan and the United States respectively. 

Economy’s Destruction: 

Fake documentation affects the economy of a country the most. Similar consequences are caused by the fake PCR reports and failure in their detection. This requires a solution so authentic that it verifies the report within time. This is possible by using online verification tools which will verify covid certificates. As per the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom, the cost the economy has to bear against the COVID-related frauds will be around 7.9 billion GBP, not just this, a company in the US lost over 170,000 US dollars because of the bogus reports. 

Public Health at Stake: 

Fake reports tend to hide the actual health conditions and people using these methods serve as carriers and are dangerous for even the vaccinated people. This ill act of some exposes millions to the virus, affecting the old age group the most.

Sacrifices in Vein: 

The health workers’ efforts are praised throughout the world, how they have risked their lives without a second thought to protect the general people and some have sacrificed their lives in this process. People with fake reports are putting them at risk too. These fake report making mafias should be taken care of by the authorities by deploying digital solutions and attaching QR codes, hard enough hack and fake.

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The Way Forward

Fraudsters whenever they see a loophole they take advantage of it by assisting the ones in need. The British government reported that in order to defraud the NHS to avail health related compensations, citizens use fake test reports. The only solution that can minimize this particular hoax is digitization, which ensures authentic COVID certificate verification. Making a smart digital vaccine and PCR certificate can very much minimize the error. With QR codes included, the verification gets a lot easier, scan the document and run it through the tool, results will be displayed before you in seconds. These tools use AI in-depth technologies which are proven efficient in verifying the documents.

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Key Takeaways

PCR test reports have become a necessity. For travelling and getting employed and working within the office, it has become a compulsion for the respective people to show their reports, negative reports to be more specific. Here comes a drawback, the fake making of certificates by fraudsters, which are not that easily verified by most of the authorities. This very phenomenon increased the urge for a more strict digital vaccine certificate verification system, hard enough to bypass.

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