Creative Food Menu Designs for Restaurants

First things first, let’s understand what the meaning of a Menu in context to restaurants is; it is basically a list that contains names and images of food and drinks that the restaurants offers to its customers to purchase. Also, did you even know that primarily, there are five types of menus, you can learn briefly about them right here.

La Carte Menu: it is the type of menu, which enlists the price of different food and beverages differently. Your customers have a choice to pick out different items from your menu and mix them up in any and every way they want.

Do Jour (of the day) Menu: it is a menu that you can and should change on a daily basis. It means that you have something on the menu that is limited for the particular day only.

Cycle Menu: it can be a menu or even a part of  a menu that consists of items that are limited for a particular and specific duration during the day.

Static Menu: it is a menu that can be divided into different sections and categories, by which we tend to imply that it is a larger menu; also it is the one that does not change every now and then.

Fixed Menu: it is the one that has a fixed price for the food and beverage options which are very few, if you think of it.

These are the most-known types of menus, but that doesn’t mean there are others, some of the others are; dessert menu, cocktail menu, digital menu, industry menu, QR based menus, food websites and many more. Although you can always hire a food menu designer, it’s never too bad to learn how you can create one on your own. Here are a few steps to do the same.

  1. Begin with an inspiration and an idea: you should know the mood, the aesthetic, the colours and the platform you will be using to create your menu.
  2. Flair it up with customisations: there are different types of templates available on different platforms, but the key to make a unique food menu to attract customers is to customize it as much as possible.
  3. Get creative with the typography: to make your menu items to stand out get creative with the text and the typography of your food menu.
  4. Print share and use: once you are done making your food menu, it’s time to print it and make use of it for the very purpose you created it, and that is to tell you customers what you have that you can offer them.

Since you have come so far reading so far reading, now you definitely know why an amazing food menu is important for a restaurant. There are basically two parts that you need to do for the growth of your restaurant, the first one being the very obvious one is to find a way to attract and bring customers to your place and the second one is getting them to make a lot of orders from your menu. The latter is only possible if your  find food menu designer seems appealing enough to them. Here are a few ways to make your food menu a little more creative and effective;

  1. Bring attention to your Best Selling Item:

You should continuously promote and highlight your best-selling food and beverage item, in order to gain attention from your customers and make them want to come back to your restaurant. And since people will want to come back for the very good dish that you have to offer, sooner rather than later they will also order different items from your menu.

  1. Make best possible use of icons, symbols and doodles:

You will not be surprised if we told you that things like doodles, icons and symbols never fail to catch the eyes of the customers. In addition to that, it also can help in improving the very basic and general design of your menu and thus making it way more readable for your customers. Also you need to be very careful when you decide to choose such symbols and make sure that they don’t give out an altogether different meaning to your customers than what you actually wanted to know.

  1. Pricing techniques (make it a minor issue):

As an owner, you should want your customer to order what they wish to have on the basis of the looks and sound of the food or beverage item and not based on what seems to be cheaper. Your menu should have its major focus on what you wish to offer rather than making the price of it the centre of attention. Also, it is a good idea to keep the font size of the prices of the items on the lower side than that of the names of it.

  1. Use Specific terms:

While creating your menu, you should focus on the use of specific terms instead and avoid using the generic one. Also, giving the people a description of the items makes it way easier for them to decide and order from the menu, also use of such keywords grabs their attention way sooner than the non-specific ones.

  1. Don’t make the description way to lengthy:

The description that you make for the food and beverages on your menu should be very short, crisp and precise. What you must understand is that adding description to your food items is very important but at the same time what you must remember is that too much of anything can be too bad. If you have a hard time describing your food items there is always an option to hire one you find a food menu designer that is the best suited for your restaurant.


There are a number of types of menus that you can go to this site if you need restaurant designer  choose from, as long as you know which is most well- suited for your restaurant. Also, if you wish to boost your profits and increase the customer experience in your restaurant you should surely focus on mainly three things, the interior of your restaurant, the food menu design and the quality of food.

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