Cricket Betting Wali | Your Guide to the Betting Landscape in India

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed a drastic change in the gambling landscape of India. No, the act of cricket betting or playing at a casino is still illegal with the exception of a few states but the good news is that more offshore companies are making their way into the Indian market. While the region still comes to grips with the stringent norms and regulations of different states, online bookmakers have decided to throw their hat into the gambling ring regardless of these complications. Let’s first take a closer look at India’s betting industry.

Cricket Betting in India

Gambling in India is considered legal if it involves an element of skill. Betting on horse racing and playing the lottery is legal whereas placing a bet via Cricket Betting Wali on your favourite cricket matches is not. If you do get caught betting on cricket then you will have to incur a minimum fine of 500 rupees and in certain circumstances will have to spend the night in jail as well. Having said that, there are certain states where gambling is considered to be legal. Case in point are the casinos that are operating in Goa. Now one can argue that technically those casinos are not on land and are infact operating on the waters which makes them immune from these laws. However, it is clear that there is a lack of clarity in the gambling laws in India.

Then the next logical question is how one can place bets while sitting in India. The simplest answer is for you to use cricket betting sites such as Cricket Betting Wali. These websites have compiled a list of the very best bookmakers in the country. The website also provides reviews for each bookmaker along with the different welcome offers they can provide you. As these sites are based offshore, the Indian gambling laws do not affect them and you will not be fined for creating an account and playing at these sites.

Cricket Betting Bonuses

Now that you have been provided with choice when it comes to your betting sites, it makes sense to take your time and select a bookmaker that suits your needs. Remember with increased competition in the market, the cricket betting sites will try to offer you a better experience than their competitors.

This can come in the form of fantastic welcome bonuses which include match deposit bonuses and free bets. In the case of a match deposit bonus, the betting site will match the amount of deposit you put in. So if you deposit Rs10,000 they will provide you with an extra 10,000 to play with. Similarly with the free bet, you can place bets on certain matches without depositing your money. Now the important thing to understand here is that these bonuses come with terms and conditions that are a must to read. The last thing you want is to argue with their customer support team on why the bookmaker is not allowing you to withdraw winnings from the welcome bonus.

There are quite a few other factors you should look into beyond bonuses when selecting a site. Given the greyness surrounding the legality of sports betting, we urge you to only go with a cricket betting site that is licensed. Once again, Cricket Betting Wali is a great resource for identifying legitimate betting sites. A licensed site will be governed by rules and regulations which means your data will be safe and secure. They are also likely to have your desired payment methods such as Paytm, Netbanking and UPI to allow for a smooth deposit and withdrawal process.

In summary, the Indian gambling landscape is looking much better than before. Only time will tell if more states in India will move towards legalisation. There is no doubt that India is set to become a powerhouse in the world of online gambling.


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