CTmatador Review, Join the Digi Revolution In Financial Trading

CTmatador is a new trading platform that specializes in utilizing technology for trading benefits. In a world increasingly gearing towards speed and ease, financial trading does not intend to be left behind.

CTmatador has combined the latest technology with industry expertise to grant the client an advantage in trading.

With a negligible minimum deposit level and practice and learn accounts, you can choose how to transition into the financial world with ease.

Product Offering with CTmatador

As an investor, it helps to know what assets are available to trade. Most investors have to engage with more than one trading platform to get their choice of portfolio products. This has disadvantages on many levels because at one time, the investor has to juggle different commissions and platforms.

CTmatador identified this gap in the market when launching their trading platform. Hence, they offer a range of popular assets in their product range.

The product range includes:

When dealing with Cryptocurrencies, as you will be very well aware, they have a limited supply. Therefore, it is not possible for every brokerage house to have a stock of crypto. However, CTmatador offers the client this advantage that they have a range of cryptocurrencies, from popular, veteran currencies such as Bitcoin to new and upcoming currencies such as Ripple XRP.

Building Your Trading Plan With CTmatador

A well informed client always knows to trade with a plan. Before you delve into building a portfolio, it is essential that you invest your time and effort in building a trading plan. CTmatador and their team of customer support specialists are here to assist you with your trading plan.

The objective is to gauge your budget and your aspirations and then recommend what type of account is best suited to you. Sometimes, when the client is still a novice in the trading world, the client support will redirect you to educational content. This is only to ensure that the client enters the financial trading sphere fully aware of its opportunities and risks while also knowing their legal rights.

CTmatador Trading Plan
Novice Low minimum deposit Access to educational content Access to 24/7 customer support Limited assets available to trade
Intermediate Negligible minimum deposit level Access to wide ranging educational and trading tools 24/7 customer support A good range of assets
Expert High Deposit level Premium access to educational and advanced trading tools 24/7 customer support and a dedicated account manager Access to all assets and VIP access to new assets

Key Findings For CTmatador

A user friendly web platform awaits users with CTmatador. However, automated strategies which make use of algorithms are not supported by the platform. The reason is that these are often risky and place the investment at a risk to which most investors might be averse.

CTmatador has expanded its footprint and is not restricted to any one geographical location. Its outreach expands into global markets and hence it has over 3000 assets for investors to trade. VIP perks are available for expert account users. However, CTmatador has mandatory stop loss governing every client account. This may not be advantageous for higher tier investors as they are used to playing risky strategies. This does however benefit the lower tier investors as their savings are stopped before causing a loss in case markets go downwards.

CTmatador Review – FAQ

Fees And Commissions

A variable fees and commissions structure is available. Mostly, the cost varies depending on type of client account. In most occasions, CTmatador is pricier than the industry average, however, clients choose this platform because of its speed and reliability.

If this inspires you and you wish to switch over to CTmatador, contact them via their website today. If you are a new comer, fill out the form on the website and one of their client support agents will get back to you with more information.

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