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Modern life can no longer be imagined without the Internet. The global network has long gone beyond the usual information field for billions of people on the planet. Our company offers Custom IoT development services to every business participant. We will provide sustainable control over all operational processes by introducing Internet technologies into the organization’s products to be able to manage them remotely or automatically. IoT is the most promising technology of the future, and today the service covers such vital industries as transportation, cargo logistics, construction and property management, engineering, retail or wholesale, as well as a huge number of other business areas.

What areas of business does IoT cover?

IoT is increasingly used every year as an effective means of managing business processes and automating the work of most tangible assets, technical equipment, tools, and energy carriers. Today, IoT covers the following business areas:

  • Technological solutions for a smart city. Such projects are usually implemented as part of large-scale government orders. IoT covers the street lighting control system at night when the lights turn on and off from built-in sensors, the control of public transport for the transport of passengers or special categories of the population, as well as the possibility of effectively cleaning the city from household waste. One of the first examples of IoT for a smart city was the installation of high-tech outdoor surveillance cameras with the ability to recognize faces and transmit information to the duty department.
  • Control over the business assets of the enterprise, when the management and responsible employees receive reliable information about the balance of products in the warehouse, the ways of moving goods during their logistics, as well as the fullness of the counters of the stores. In recent years, real-time switched sensors and devices via a wireless communication channel have also been installed in crop fields, medical institutions, and agricultural enterprises.
  • Management of an automated line at an industrial enterprise. This includes the control of machines and mechanisms, the transmission of alarm signals when equipment is worn out, which allows you to quickly perform service maintenance, and control of all stages of production without the need for a constant presence of a person at the monitor. The system independently recognizes the deviation from the normal algorithm and notifies the operator via wireless communication to decide about restoring performance.
  • Smart home solutions are the simplest and most widespread technology for automating household appliances, as well as controlling and accounting for energy consumption. Allows you to adjust the heating temperature, turn off the washing machine or dishwasher, room lighting, and many other options.

Not all the possibilities of IoT are listed above, and the specialists of our company are ready to help in solving complex problems for the effective management of business processes in any expensive industry. We offer both standard solutions and individual developments, taking into account all the needs of the customer.

What services are provided during the development and implementation of IoT?

Each potential customer who contacts our company receives the following set of services in strict accordance with the terms of reference and business features in which the Internet of Things technology needs to be implemented. The company offers the following services for the development, implementation, programming, and configuration of IoT components:

  • Collection of initial data, analysis of the operating activities of the customer’s business, brainstorming.
  • Creation of common software architecture, an algorithm for the interaction of sensors, cameras, and actuators.
  • Creation of a pilot model of the future system, it’s testing, diagnostics, error detection, analysis of shortcomings, as well as their prompt correction.
  • Development of cloud storage for loading large amounts of data, as well as scaling, in the case of business development.
  • Adaptation of the software for the required types of readers, such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Debugging a data transmission channel in real-time introduces a set of commands to which sensors respond to send a signal to the actuator.
  • Development and installation of security systems, and sets of random codes to protect the personal data of business customers, for example, when creating accounts and tools for online transactions.

At the final stage, our specialists install sensors at each physical object that is controlled by the customer’s business, debug uninterrupted communication and check the performance by simulating boundary conditions and alarm situations for automatic signaling.

How does business integrate with IoT?

Each business owner who decides to integrate IoT into their current operations receives several undeniable advantages, and also opens up new software opportunities:

  • Full control over every stage of production activity.
  • Increased security eliminates the risk of cyber-attacks, theft, third-party implementations of intruders, as well as unjustified expenses of working capital to maintain business.
  • The introduction of IoT technology is possible both for fundamentally new developments and business areas and in existing and well-established business processes, which is accompanied by their improvement.
  • Improving business efficiency is accompanied by the performance of a larger number of production operations per unit of time, a reduction in the number of supervisory employees, as well as an increase in the profit of the enterprise.
  • One of the key tasks of our company is to develop the simplest user interface with advising graphics so that even a person far from the IT-sphere can easily understand the software.
  • Linking IoT technology to the specifics of a particular business. We have a variety of generic software skins that can be easily upgraded to meet business or customer requirements. We never use ready-made applications without their adjustment, which ensures correct and efficient business management.

If the company’s specialists encounter any business sector for the first time, we always first analyze the entire operational activity of the enterprise, after which we draw up a fundamentally new software architecture and develop an individual application by analogy with existing algorithms.

When contacting us, each business participant can be sure of a professional approach, an individual solution to a specific problem, as well as rapid profit growth, reducing customer churn, development of new opportunities, and guaranteed success.

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