CZUR ET16 Plus Document Scanner: Why is this portable book scanner the best?

If you are a researcher, scanning books is one of your daily jobs. And what you need is a portable book scanner so you don’t have to deal with carrying heavy loads every time you need to scan a book in the library. In this Internet era, the ability to scan books is very much needed. Time flies and bringing books to conventional scanning equipment is often impossible.

If that is your scenario, you need CZUR ET16 Plus Document Scanner.

This is a trendy portable book scanner with a desk lamp-like design. The black color gives the impression of elegance and luxury. And most importantly, it is equipped with a hands-free foot pedal, allowing for much easier operation than other similar scanners.

This book scanner can scan everything that may

This book scanner can scan everything that may be scanned; books, passports, flyers, certificates, business cards, and much more. Even thanks to its open design, it can scan small figurine pieces!

Amazing scanning speed

One thing that stands out about this tool is its scanning speed. Imagine! This small portable tool can scan 300 pages in just 10 minutes. If you compare it with other portable scanners, CZUR ET16 can scan 10 times faster. If you calculate the average, for each page scanned this scanner only takes about 1.5 seconds.

Supported by the most advanced software in its class

CZUR ET16 is supported by the most advanced software in its class so that it can eliminate book curvature automatically. In other words, forget about manually flattening the book’s curves which often takes too much time. Even when you turn page by page, the auto-scan feature still works. The CZUR ET16 software is perfectly compatible with Mac OS 10 and up. Of course, it is also compatible with various Windows series (XP and above). It should be noted that the virtual alignment of the book surface is achieved by a so-called pixel transformation process.

Above average scan quality

Above-average scan quality

You can compare the scan quality for yourself with what other scanners can achieve. The scan quality of the CZUR ET16 is very good, above average. This is supported by strong lighting by 10 LED lights, 2 additional lights, and a powerful 16 MP Sony camera. The lights are positioned in such a way that you won’t see shadows in the document (shadows in the document are one of the key factors why scans don’t turn out as good as expected). However, scanning on glossy surfaces may be affected by reflectivity, so it is highly recommended that you use a side light so that all scans of laminated documents can be displayed.

Advanced OCR feature

The CZUR ET16 book scanner provides a lifetime free OCR feature with a one-year warranty. This OCR feature can recognize more than 180 languages, thus giving you ample opportunity to edit right after scanning. There are tons of editing features to try out, including cropping and adjusting sharpness, contrast, thickness, and more.

Easy conversion

After scanning you can easily convert the scan results to editable Word and PDF files. No need to use other software to do that. You can also scan in multiple colors, black&white, and grayscale. The CZUR book scanner is also capable of converting and editing any imported documents and you can also merge or even split the two scanned pages. What about the storage format? You can save scans in JPG format and the maximum scan size is A3. This is probably the only limitation.

Sophisticated scanning process

Why do we call it sophisticated? Because the scan runs with three laser beams beamed together. The laser beam will strike the scanning plane and form horizontal laser lines on even curved pages. Thus the tool will calculate the angle of intersection between the laser beam and the scanning platform and this is done automatically. And as a final step, there is a pixel transformation of a digital 3D curved surface that can be integrated with ZOOM. You can’t expect more complete.

Some advice

Imagine you are a researcher and need to scan books regularly, which means you have to scan quite a lot of books. You should follow some of the advice below:

While this is the most advanced portable scanning tool ever created, you shouldn’t use it in too bright an environment. And you should avoid artificial lighting other than the LED lights that this tool has.

You should also be careful about turning the pages of your book. You already know that you need 1.5 seconds to scan a page so adjust accordingly.

If you want to be careful, you shouldn’t turn the page too fast because you might miss a page or two. In everyday practice, each page may take 7 seconds to scan. This is not because the CZUR ET16 is not able to scan faster, but because of the limitations of the user. In other words, the scanning speed is often determined by the capabilities of the operator himself.

The CZUR ET16 is not a portable flatbed scanner so you don’t have to lift the book upside down every time you scan the most recent page.

After you receive your CZUR ET16 package, you should open the package and read the user manual carefully. Make sure you don’t miss any information because neglecting certain information can cause you to not be able to use this tool optimally. Use a foot pedal if you want to work faster and always download software from the official CZUR website.


From the explanations, you can conclude for yourself but if you ask us, we will not hesitate to answer that the CZUR ET16 Plus Document Scanner is the best portable book scanner on the market today. Its trendy design, amazing scanning speed, laser-assisted curve alignment technology, its OCR feature, and its converting capacity are just a few reasons why you can’t expect better than this. We hope this guide was helpful. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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