How to survive your first day in the Apocalypse

DayZ Tips: How to survive your first day in the Apocalypse

If you want to play this game, the rule is simple-survive if you can. The DayZ Apocalypse is terrible and challenging. There are many threats to focus on if you want to survive. The worst are the zombies, of course. But the survivors are also deadly because they will bring you down when they see you.

Everyone is looking for someone else to kill and steal their items. So the best way is to kill any survivor you see before they kill you. It is very sad, but that’s how it is and if you don’t want to die, follow the rules. As you run from zombies, also avoid other players. Don’t trust, don’t ask for help, and don’t even help or communicate with others.

So, how do you play this game and make it past the first day? Simply combine our tips below with proven DayZ hacks to survive your first day.

How to survive the first day in the Apocalypse

1.    Avoid the zombies

Early in the game, you don’t have the weapon to fight the undead. So, it is best to avoid them as much as you can. Unfortunately, zombies can hear and see you. That means you have to forget them and move towards a building. Don’t ever shoot at them earlier on if you find a weapon. Such actions will attract them to you unless you’re using a silenced weapon.

2.    Leave the coast areas fast.

Spawning into the game places you in the coastal areas. This spot has many challenges but doesn’t offer anything in terms of food, water, or weapons. Even if there is, other players might take them before you. So, don’t waste your time and risk your neck. Leave the coast and head towards the inland. If you see buildings, ignore the first one and check the second one or others. You may not find anything in the first building as other players would have looted it.

3.    Search for weapons and water

Weapons are important, and water is critical for your survival. So, on that first day of the Apocalypse, search for these two things. The weapons will help you fight the enemies, while the water will keep you alive.

The best places to find these things include warehouses, sheds, garages, etc. As you look around, pick anything that can serve as a weapon. Don’t overlook anything, as you might be shocked that even cans can protect you from the undead.

4.    Target the right buildings

DayZ is risky all through. So, when you spawn, don’t expose yourself wandering around the map. Instead, try to strategize your search to get what you want faster. Based on experience, the buildings where you can find food and other things include tenement houses, sheds, supermarkets, medical points, hospitals, etc. These places will contain everything you need to survive your first day.

Most importantly, the weapon you can use to fight zombies, the hatchet, might be there too. Don’t forget that shooting zombies can attract others due to the noise. So, with a hatchet, you can kill the undead and won’t attract any attention.

5.    Loot the zombies

If it is possible, avoid zombies at first. But you eventually fight with one and defeat it, don’t forget to search the body. You may be surprised to find good items that will help you. Since you’re still gathering food and weapons, zombies can be a great source of items. So, check the body and grab the spoils. Then, search all the pockets to discover what they’ve hidden away.

6.    Play enemies against each other

This strategy will keep you alive. If you suddenly find yourself facing both animals and zombies, play them against each other. Since they’re of different species, they will see each other as enemies. For instance, if the zombies are pursuing you and animals are lurking around to fight you, try to make both enemies meet. Once you do that, they’ll start fighting each other and forget about you.

7.    Work during the day

The first day of the Apocalypse is usually difficult. Players might not have any light source to guide their movement. So, the best thing is to search for what you need during the lighted hours and retreat to a building when the night comes. Don’t go wandering around in the dark. You won’t find anything but might end up dead.


Surviving DayZ is not for the feeble-minded gamers. The threats are just too many, and if you’re not careful, you won’t make it past the first day. This is why we’ve discussed the important things that can help you in the game.

We also recommended that you add some hacks to the strategies we have here. That way, you can spawn, loot, fight and survive the Apocalypse.