Dentures 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Smile Solution

Everyone gets older, and with age comes increasing health concerns. One of those concerns is your teeth. Poor dental hygiene, a lifetime of use, injuries, and more can all mean people lose more and more teeth as they age. Today, this isn’t actually a problem because there are dentures.

Dentures are removable sets of teeth, or fake teeth, used to replace lost ones over the years. Humans have been using dentures in some form (even by using another human’s teeth) for hundreds of years. Today, they’re made from acrylic or porcelain and custom-made to fit you. For those who’ve had a tooth or several teeth removed, they’re a godsend. You can have dentures for one tooth or for the entire set. Regardless of how many fake teeth you have, knowing how they work, how to take care of them, and your options are essential.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures work by replacing missing teeth and restoring the functionality of your mouth. They’re custom-made, so they fit your mouth like a glove and won’t wobble or fall out on their own. They’re usually made of either acrylic or porcelain and are then held in place by suction or adhesive. Some types of dentures have dental implants so that the dentures can be mounted on and secured.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

When you’re missing teeth, dentures can help improve your ability to speak, can help you chew, and can make you look better, all at once. Missing teeth, after all, impact things like speaking, eating, and the missing teeth can also cave in your mouth and lips, making your face look off. By restoring those teeth either entirely or partially, you can restore your beautiful smile and enjoy a better quality of life.

Getting All-on-4 Dental Implants

Dentures traditionally are a temporary solution, meaning you usually take them out at the end of the day and put them in a cleaning solution so they’re ready for tomorrow. If you’re after something more permanent, then you’ll want to upgrade from classic dentures to All-on-4 dental implants. Getting All On 4 dental implants in Orange County can give you a whole new smile that acts as natural teeth. It works by adding titanium screws or dental implants into four spots in the mouth. The dentures are then mounted to the screws and secured.

All-on-4 dental implants have several benefits, including:

  • More stable than traditional suction-based dentures.
  • Improves your chewing ability and comes with fewer dietary restrictions
  • Prevents bone loss and maintains the integrity of your jawbone.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Regardless of what type of dentures or dental implants you go for, you’ll need to take care of them. Clean your teeth daily, both with a cleaning solution and also with a toothbrush and floss. You’ll also want to avoid letting your dentures dry out, so put them in either water or a denture solution when you’re not wearing them.

You’ll also want to care for your oral health as normal. This is particularly important if you have dental implants. Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue as you would normally. You’ll also want to visit the dentist twice yearly for check-ups.


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