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Designing Your E-Commerce Website with SpreadSimple: Best Practices and Examples

SpreadSimple is a no-code website builder that uses Google Sheets to manage website content. It is a powerful tool that allows non-developers to create modern, feature-rich websites without writing a single line of code. SpreadSimple is especially useful for e-commerce website design, where managing inventory, prices, and orders can be a time-consuming task. With SpreadSimple, you can manage all these tasks from a single Google Sheet, saving time and effort.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using spreadsimple.com for e-commerce website design. We will explain how Google Sheets can be used to manage website content, the advantages of using SpreadSimple for non-developers, and the various types of websites that can be built using this platform. We will also look at case studies of companies that have successfully used SpreadSimple for their e-commerce websites.

Manage Website Content From Google Sheets

SpreadSimple uses Google Sheets as a content management system, allowing you to manage inventory, prices, and orders from a single sheet. Google Sheets offers features such as collaborative editing, formulas, expressions, and chats, making it easy to manage website content with multiple contributors. You can also create custom views and filters, allowing you to see only the information you need.

With spreadsimple.com, you can use Google Sheets to manage inventory, pricing, and orders. The platform offers features such as filtering, search, sorting, lead collection via forms, SEO, and more. You can also use Google Sheets to manage product images, descriptions, and categories. This makes it easy to organize and manage your product catalog.

Blazing Fast Setup

SpreadSimple offers a fast and easy setup process, allowing you to create a website in minutes. Compared to other website builders, SpreadSimple saves time in creating and managing website content. You don’t need any coding skills to use SpreadSimple, making it ideal for non-developers.

Modern, Feature-Rich Websites With No Code

spreadsimple.com allows you to create modern, feature-rich websites without writing any code. With features such as filtering, search, sorting, lead collection via forms, SEO, and more, you can create an e-commerce website that is on par with those created by professional web developers. This makes it ideal for non-developers who want to create a website without hiring a web developer.

What Websites Can Be Built With Google Sheets And No Code?

SpreadSimple can be used to create a variety of websites, including e-commerce websites, affiliate stores, restaurants and cafes, real estate websites, listings, and startups. You can use Google Sheets to manage inventory, prices, and orders for all these types of websites.


spreadsimple.com is especially useful for restaurants, where managing menu items and responding to low inventory alerts can be a time-consuming task. With SpreadSimple, you can use Google Sheets to manage menu items, making it easy to add, update, or remove items as needed. You can also use the official Sheets app to manage the menu from your mobile phone, making it easy to respond to low inventory alerts in real-time.

You can embed the attractive widget into your existing website to provide additional features such as search for dishes, categories and filters, the ability to order a dish online, and more.

Case Studies

SpreadSimple has been used successfully by companies to automate workflow and harness the power of Google Sheets and no-code. For example, a company that sells socks was able to automate their workflow using Google Sheets and spreadsimple.com, resulting in a 70% reduction in time spent on managing inventory and orders. Another company was able to generate $3,000,000 in revenue through websites built with no-code.

No Code E-Commerce

In recent years, no-code website builders have become increasingly popular among e-commerce businesses. SpreadSimple is a prime example of a no-code website builder that allows businesses to build e-commerce websites without any coding knowledge. One notable case study is a company that generated $3,000,000 in revenue through websites built with no-code. The benefits of using Google Sheets for managing orders and inventories are immense, allowing businesses to easily manage their inventory and orders without the need for a separate inventory management system.


spreadsimple.com regularly updates its platform with new features to enhance the functionality of websites built with it. Some of the latest features include promo codes, Billplz Checkout, Navigation aliases, and more. These features can enhance the website’s functionality and improve the user experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

Always Up-To-Date & Easy To Manage Data

One of the biggest advantages of using SpreadSimple is having website content automatically updated based on changes made in Google Sheets. This ensures that the website is always up-to-date and accurate, without the need for manual updates. Additionally, managing website content is made easy through Google Sheets, which offers powerful collaboration tools and allows multiple people to edit and manage the website simultaneously.

Item Details Page And Order Form

SpreadSimple allows businesses to create a dedicated page for each product and customize order form fields. This allows customers to easily view all the details of a product, including its variations, and place an order without any hassle. By showing all item variations on one page and allowing customers to easily switch between them, businesses can provide a seamless user experience that can lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Embed As Widget To External Website

Businesses can also add their catalog as a responsive widget onto another website using spreadsimple.com. This is particularly useful for businesses that already have an existing website but want to add a catalog of their products without having to build an entirely new website. The responsive widget seamlessly integrates with the existing website and provides a great user experience for customers.

Website Localization

SpreadSimple allows businesses to translate their website into more than 30 languages, making it easy to reach a global audience. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions, as it allows them to provide a localized experience to their customers.

Payment Gateways

Secure online payments are essential for any e-commerce website, and spreadsimple.com allows businesses to use PayPal and Stripe Checkout for this purpose. Both of these payment gateways are secure and widely trusted by customers, providing a safe and reliable way for businesses to accept payments online.

Google Analytics Add-On And Content Pages

Integrating Google Analytics with a website built using SpreadSimple is easy, and businesses can also create content pages like About Us and FAQ to provide more information to their customers. This allows businesses to track their website’s performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence.


SpreadSimple allows businesses to integrate their website with other services and automate processes using webhooks. This feature can save businesses time and money by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining their workflow.


SpreadSimple is a powerful no-code website builder that allows non-developers to create modern, feature-rich websites using Google Sheets. With its ability to manage website content from Google Sheets, blazing fast setup, and a variety of features including filtering, search, sorting, lead collection via forms, SEO, and more, SpreadSimple is a game-changer for e-commerce website design.

The platform’s flexibility means that it can be used to create various types of websites, including e-commerce, affiliate stores, restaurants and cafes, real estate, listings, startups, and more. With its ability to manage menu items and respond to low inventory alerts, it can be particularly useful for restaurants.

The ability of spreadsimple.com to translate the website into more than 30 languages and accept secure online payments through PayPal and Stripe Checkout, make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their reach and grow their online presence.


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