Detailed Instructions for Fastest FIVE88 Withdrawal Process 2023

five88 is an emerging bookie in the online gambling market, but has attracted a large number of participants. With the mind that the customer is God, the house has been gradually building up its position. The FIVE88 withdrawal process is also a topic of great interest to many people.

1.Compulsory requirements when withdrawing FIVE88

Although the FIVE88 house has been operating for about 5 years and is trusted by many bookmakers, it was not until 2017 that this house was introduced into the online betting market. After receiving the winnings from the bookie, players can freely withdraw money to their bank account because this is the most prestigious and famous house in the gaming village today.

FIVE88 Withdrawals Strictly Secured

Despite its reputation as one of the famous bookmakers in Vietnam with a significant number of participants, all FIVE88 withdrawals are subject to the following regulations to maintain a safe environment:

The information provided must be meticulously accurate. This includes requirements like: real name, bank account details, date of birth, etc.

Players must not disclose their accounts and absolutely avoid using any personal information belonging to others.

The smallest withdrawal that each player can make is 100,000 VND.

Engaging in any form of dishonesty while trading will result in severe penalties and possible account deletion.

If you enter the wrong information, the bookie will try to assist you to help recover the lost money. However, it is important to note that the user is solely responsible in this situation and the bookie can only assist to the best of its ability.

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2.How to withdraw money FIVE88 simple and fast

Once you understand the requirements needed to withdraw money from Five88, follow the instructions below to complete the process efficiently and easily.

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To initiate the FIVE88 withdrawal process, players must first log into the official platform of the platform. It is important to ensure that you visit the correct homepage and not the virtual links circulating online, as there have been many cases of players falling victim to scams through fake links .

After successful login, continue to click on the specified section to withdraw. After this, the system will direct you to a separate page. On this page, the player will be prompted to select the Banking option and complete all the necessary details required by the system on a brief form.

Please double check the information you have provided before continuing. After selecting a bank, enter the desired withdrawal amount. Note that the currency conversion rate is set at 1VND = 1000VND. Therefore, if you want to withdraw 100,000, just enter the number 100.

3.How to withdraw FIVE88 from scratch card

The process of withdrawing money from scratch cards can be divided into several simple steps as follows:

First, define the designated area on the card to scratch to reveal the hidden code. After the code is displayed, continue to visit the specified website or use the mobile application specified for the scratch card provider.

To continue, users only need to choose 4 famous service providers: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone or Vietnamobile. They will then enter the amount they want to withdraw, which can be from VND 100,000 to VND 500,000, to complete the transaction successfully.

Enter the code in the field specified on the website and follow the instructions to validate the code. Once the code is verified, select the desired amount to withdraw from the card and confirm the transaction.

The money will then be transferred to a designated bank account or e-wallet linked to the scratch card. It is important to note that different scratch card providers may have specific instructions or additional steps. You should therefore consult the provider’s terms and conditions for exact information on the FIVE88 withdrawal process.

When withdrawing with a scratch card, the process is quite similar to using a bank card. The only difference lies in the selection of the withdrawal method. Just select the scratch card option and provide all the necessary information required by the system.

Screenshot 3

Withdrawal of FIVE88 With Manual, Traditional Method

4.Points to note when withdrawing money at FIVE88

The FIVE88 withdrawal process seems simple, but many players often make mistakes and fail to fulfill the withdrawal request. Then read the following considerations to make sure the process goes smoothly!

Enter correct and complete account number and recipient information to avoid sending by mistake. In these cases, the house will not handle.

Visit at non-peak times, withdrawals will be processed faster.

When making transactions, only use 1 phone number and 1 bank account. Otherwise, the house will not process the transaction, avoiding the case where the player accuses them of profiteering.

Players who choose to withdraw large transaction amounts through the bank will be faster and more convenient than using scratch cards.

If it takes too long and If you haven’t received your payout, please contact the bookmaker to get it resolved.

Notes When Withdrawing FIVE88


The above article has fully shared the most important information for players about ways to withdraw money from FIVE88. We also wish you success when playing at this bookie. So what are you waiting for, register for an account now and start receiving great promotions of the house FIVE88!


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