Did you know you can lose weight with CBD oil? Learn more here.

CBD contains a compound that may suppress appetite and reduce physiological stress associated with weight gain.

CBD may be a potential option for you if you are looking for the missing piece to overcome your weight loss plateau.

Read on to learn how essential elements of CBD oil interact with the body to reduce appetite and assist with weight loss.

How Does CBD Help With Weight Loss?

According to studies on rodents, CBD oil has been shown to increase leptin sensitivity. Leptin, a specific kind of protein, causes loss of appetite by acting as an anorexigenic agent.

Research has also suggested that CBD oil may have the ability to break down body fat. Specifically, white fat, known as the “bad fat,” is browned with regular CBD usage.

Brown fat is the “good fat” that helps the body burn calories, adding to weight loss. There may also be a link between CB1 and CB2, meaning that CBD oil can potentially regulate fat tissues.

How Does CBD Oil Influence Health?

Metabolic disorders and obesity are linked. If you are obese, you are inherently more likely to develop severe conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Previous studies indicate that CBD helps reduce rodent cholesterol levels by 25%. The reduction in blood glucose levels and inflammation markers were also shown to reduce the likelihood of rodents developing metabolic disorders.

CBD May Reduce Stress

Beyond the many physical effects of CBD oil on weight loss, it may also help alleviate stress.

When stress is severe enough, hormone changes occur, offsetting the balance of the nervous system, making people more susceptible to disease.

With more vulnerability being placed on the immune system, a person is more likely to experience weight gain and dysfunction of the autoimmune system.

The relationship between cortisol, obesity and mental health disorders are all linked.

CBD may contribute to less stress and anxiety, benefiting the balance of hormones, and offsetting the chances of obesity and other health problems.

How Is CBD Used For Weight Loss?

When CBD is used as a supplement for weight loss, the rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and gradually work your way up as needed.

The amount needed to assist with weight loss can vary drastically between people.

Always speak with your healthcare provider before starting a supplemental routine to ensure that the protocol is suitable for you.

Which CBD Is Best?

Look for CBD oil that contains less THC, as THC on its own can increase appetite. Given that CBD has more hemp oil than THC via marijuana oil, CBD products may be effective in helping you lose weight.

Aim for CBD that contains whole-plant oil, as these products have less THC and contain other compounds that assist with the body’s absorption of CBD and its breakdown in the body.

Reduce Stress With CBD

Keep your expectations reasonable and understand that while CBD can suppress appetite and alleviate stress, healthy lifestyle changes are also needed to achieve weight loss.


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