Do slot machines have a pattern?

Slot machines are common gaming products you will find at an online casino. Over the years, it has transformed into a nationwide web, and thousands of players enjoy it. Many players often wonder if the best payout online slots have a pattern or style they follow. To explain these, let us look at how a slot machine is programmed.

The slot machine, also referred to as the fruit machine in Britain, opens punters to gamble and make extra funds. It is referred to as a game of chance in some quarters or a one-armed bandit in other quarters. This is because of the mechanical levers on the sides of the machine.

The device operates in the following ways: 

  • Insert your coins, electronic cards, or token into the slot
  • Press the button to activate the reels, and it will give you the outcome.

The machine is programmed to be entirely random. They are regulated by a random number generator (RNG). The RNG ensures that all the game collections work randomly. The slot machine works randomly because there are billions of collections.

How to understand a slot machine

Understanding how a slot machine works is slightly different from the player’s perspective. A player should always remember that slots are games of luck. You cannot predict the outcome no matter how skilled and experienced you are. Not being able to predict the outcome also makes it impossible for you to influence the result.

There is nothing confidential when it involves winning on slot machines. The way the random number generator works is not a secret. Thus, winning is possible; it is just a matter of luck.

Return to player (RTP)

Apart from RNG, which has been explained above, another important concept is the return to player (RTP). RTP is the average percentage a player gets on each game played. As RNG generates millions of collections and makes the game spin selection random, RTP shows the returns a player is entitled to over a while.

For instance, in a game with 96% RTP, if you wager £100, you will get £96. RTP is a statistical computation that does not have a direct effect on each slot. That is, you can make more than the RTP, and you can also make lower returns. 

Slot machines strategy

As earlier said, slot machines do not have a pattern, and that is what makes them interesting. However, as a player, there is a way you can strategize yourself to play on a slot machine, these are;

1.    Play for fun, and don’t try to outsmart the house

Do not take slots as a job or investment; you can be consistent with it, just play in good faith, with the hope of winning.

2.    Have a goal for playing 

It is important for players to always have gambling goals and play according to their aims. This will guide you on the minimum and maximum amount to gamble with

3.    Bet according to your pocket

Gambling is a game of chance, even though not every gambler understands this point. You cannot outsmart the mathematical edge all the time. That is the reason it is safe to bet with the amount you can afford. Do not borrow to bet.


Slot machines do not have a pattern. The lack of pattern adds to the game’s excitement and entertainment. However,  the fact that it doesn’t have a pattern does not stop you from using the strategies explained in this piece to win.


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