Do You Know About the Different Types of Window Decals?

An artistic and innovative window decal adds some personality to your store and is perfect for drawing the attention of your customers. Appealing window decals form a warm welcoming atmosphere for them.

You might get confused with which type of window decal you should choose due to the various types of window graphics that are available in the market. Well, no need to worry after reading this article you will be able to decide which window decal is best for you.

In this article, we will discuss the types of window decals that you can use based on their transparency and cut.

Several kinds of window dressings are available. Anything that sticks to your window does not have to necessarily be a decal; it can also be a sticker or a cling. So, before discussing the types of decals let us first discuss how decals are different from stickers and clings.


Stickers have to be placed on the external side of the window for the customers to see as they have graphics on only one side and adhesive on the other. Initially, the adhesion is strong but it eventually degrades with time and high temperatures. So, it is obvious that prolonged exposure to the sun and outside weather will eventually shorten the lifespan of a window sticker. According to conserve-energy-future, stickers are not recyclable and many composting companies state that stickers are very harmful to the marine eco-system. So, it is advisable to avoid them for the sake of the environment.


Window clings do not require any adhesive as they are printed on the glass. However, nowadays custom window clings are also available that stick to your window glass using static electricity. As they are generally placed inside the window they are protected from the weather outside and still visible to people from outside. They are a great option for seasonal decorations as they are reusable and can be removed whenever required. But if you want something durable then you should not go for window clings.


Decals are made up of vinyl materials and are fixed to the wall with the help of adhesive. Decals are a great option for external placements due to their durability and strong adhesive. As decals are not reusable, they are only ideal for one-time deals, seasonal sales, or brand promotions.

Types of Window Decals

Decals based on their levels of transparency-


Opaque window decals give a poster-like effect as they do not allow much light to pass through them. During summer, opaque decals can be a great option to limit the amount of sunlight and keep your store cool. But, too much poorly placed decal can make the store look dark and dull.


Clear decals allow people on both sides of the glass to see through them as they have a high level of transparency. The natural lighting and accessible view make clear window decals a great option for restaurants or places where customers are likely to seat for a while.


If you want graphics to be visible on both sides of the window then double-sided decals is the best option for you. They can either be opaque or clear. Double-sided decals may prove to be expensive as they may require custom printing.


Perforated decals have high graphics printed on one side while the other side is dark. They have tiny holes that allow light to pass through them. These decals allow one-way vision, outside of the store is visible from inside the store but not vice versa.

Decals based on their cuts-

Contour Cut

Contour cut gives your window and vinyl a seamless look, as no extra vinyl is required and it perfectly matches the borders of your image or graphics.

Halo Cut

Halo cut creates a border around the decal as it leaves an approx of ¼ inch wide vinyl edge.


So, we can see that various window decals are available based on their transparency and cut. If you have read this far, you are now well aware of the various type of window decals and will able to choose the one that is perfect for your store.


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