Do You Need Orthotics Or Simple Shoe Inserts?

If you experience aches and pains in your feet when moving around, you might have looked at other choices for shoes and simple over-the-counter shoe inserts. What about orthotics? An orthotic could not only be of more help but absolutely necessary to help relieve the aches and pains you are experiencing.

There are over-the-counter inserts available as mentioned. These inserts are made out of materials, such as foam, gel, and plastics. While these inserts are made to fit shoes, they are not tailor-made to your feet. Since they do provide arch support and extra cushioning, these inserts are helpful. You can purchase orthotic shoes from the Orthotic Shop that will help support your feet.

Orthotics are offered by prescription. These medical devices help work to correct certain biomechanical problems. Do you have any issues walking or running? These orthotic inserts also help regarding pain, especially when it comes to certain conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Orthotics provide enough correction for flat feet, too, that corrective surgery may be avoided.

Do you need orthotics? Over-the-counter shoe inserts work for some, and others prefer to go the prescription route for a custom-made solution that provides the best results. A podiatrist can help you determine the best choice for you.

What Podiatrists Look For

After making an appointment with podiatrists in Caringbah, he or she is going to take 3D images of your feet for the initial exam. He or she might also watch your walk, making note of any movement issues.

A mold is made of your feet if you need orthotics. The mold is used so that the podiatrist gets the right fit. Rigid or soft orthotics are made just for you after the mold is complete.

Types Of Orthotics

Functional orthotics are also known as ‘rigid orthotics.’ They are made from either carbon fiber or a type of plastic. These orthotics are best for dress shoes and any type of walking shoes. This particular style helps with foot pain, back pain, and more.

Accommodative orthotics, also known as ‘soft orthotics,’ cushion your feet in relation to sore spots. They are made of compression materials and are known to help people who suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis. Soft orthotics are a little bulky and sometimes need to be accompanied by prescription footwear as well.

Orthotics can also be designed to help fit your feet when wearing ski boots, ice skates, and more.

Wearing Orthotics

Both the inserts available at stores and prescription orthotics should feel comfortable when worn. If you try inserts and do not get that type of result, then you may need to make an appointment with a podiatrist. Be sure you provide feedback to your podiatrist after a mold has been made and you are wearing your orthotics. You want to be certain that the inserts are going to work well for you.

While orthotics are more costly than inserts, they are also more effective. Not only do you get the best solution, but you first get a medical consultation and evaluation of your feet. A custom-fit is designed, and high-quality materials are used to make the orthotic inserts. Check with your insurance provider about them helping out with the associated costs.

Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments as necessary so that your podiatrist can ensure everything is working out properly. Your feet are going to feel so much better after seeing a podiatrist.


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