Does Size Matter for Men and Women? Let’s Check the Facts

Does size matter? Among the first issues you may have encountered about sex was probably the size of a man’s penis, and the size of a person’s penis is a big topic of conversation. 

There’s a common misconception that bigger it is, The better it is, but is this always the scenario? Also, it can be tough to find an accurate response to the question- “does penis size matter?”

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Before we go through the specifics of penis size, it’s crucial to remember that the size of your penis doesn’t count; what matters is how you are using what you have. 

Men frequently wonder does size matters in bed. Who wants to abandon a dissatisfied lover in bed? Bed troubles can destroy even the healthiest of relationships, and it is true. 

Additionally, men have struggled to figure out if they should achieve an above-average length or girth for ages. Further, they are trying to consume Penis enlargement medicines and other techniques to enlarge their penis size.

Now is the moment for you to go out of your pain and acquire an answer.  Keep reading further to learn the truth about women’s preferences regarding girth vs. length!

What Is The Average Penis Size?

The penis, in actuality, comes in a range of shapes and sizes. The standard erected penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 in) long, with a typical girth of 11.66 cm, as per BJU International (4.59 in). The average flaccid size and girth are 9.16 centimeters (3.6 inches) and 9.31 centimeters (3.66 inches). In general, if your penis measures between 5 and 5.5 inches, you have an average-sized penis.

Why Are Men Obsessed With Penis Size?

The conversations going round the clock about does size matter is making men obsessed with their penis size. They are simply psychological worries of not being better enough passing down through the generations.  

Usually, men fear or don’t want to leave their female partner dissatisfied. Also, another reason men are obsessed is the rising debate on does size matter in a relationship is because of a lack of sex education and awareness. 

There are certain misconceptions among men and women, which makes them question that does size matter. 

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Breaking The Myth “Does Size Matter”

  • After extensive research and study on women’s sexual behavior and men’s wellness, it concludes that girth generally takes precedence over length. 
  • A man with a broader penis is preferred by 8 out of 10 women above a man with a lengthier but narrower penis. What’s more, guess what? This response has a scientific basis for what a woman wants.
  • Because the vagina is deep by origin, a thicker penis can trigger the clitoris. Because the vaginal girth is just 4 inches within about, a penis with a greater girth provides the maximum sexual arousal to the spouse and thus a wonderful time. So, now you can have an idea of does size matter for sexual intercourse.
  • Also, it’s only possible for a woman to search for a man with a thicker penis because he can guarantee her more sensation and a satisfying climax. So, this indicates that even if a man’s penis is 10 inches long, if it doesn’t have a girth of at a minimum of 4.5 inches, he is practically invisible to a female!
  •  Additionally, there is no proof that larger penises provide more excitement during anal sex. Moreover, a huge penis may cause more discomfort than satisfaction during anal hooks in some cases.

Penises larger than normal have been linked to a higher risk of infection and injuries. Certain sex positions can get more unpleasant by the extra length. Because a smaller penis is simpler to handle, everyone involved can concentrate on satisfaction instead of the pain or figuring out the right position that works. 

Bottom Line

The problem is that no male can be flawless. Let’s confront it. Possessing a perfect hourglass physique for a lady is challenging. Similarly, having a penis with the optimal thickness and length for a male is even more difficult! 

Additionally, if you’re thinking about starting a family, the last factor you need is to worry about your penis size.

To begin with, the testicles produce sperms rather than the penis. There’s also an indication that stress might influence fertility by lowering sperm quality.

Now that you have an answer to the most discussed issue, “does size matter for women” we hope that now you aren’t insecure about your penis size. 

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