Earn Money By Becoming A Podcaster

Podcasting is still a relatively new part of social media. The market is not yet saturated with too many podcasters, so it can be relatively easy to succeed when compared to other social media endeavors. Nowadays, anyone can start a podcast and upload it to platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, or even YouTube. You can also record a podcast with Melon as a great free option. Boosting the number of listeners is also simple enough if you use a service such as Jaynike. But what else is needed to succeed as a podcaster? Keep reading to find out. 

Equipment You Will Need

Podcasting equipment does not need to be complicated. The basic requirement is that you have a clear microphone that will cancel out ambient noise. If you plan on having guests you may need a mixer, but that’s really all that’s needed to get started. A simple USB mic will suffice. If your content is engaging, your listeners won’t need the bells and whistles. They will keep tuning in as long as the audio is clear.

How To Choose A Topic

There are podcasts on every topic you can think of, so don’t think that you are likely to have a particularly original niche. However, it is always advisable to stick to a topic that you enjoy. Even if you are not an expert on the topic, you can always learn. If you are interested in the topic of your podcast, it is highly unlikely the people will want to listen to your boring ramblings. Be honest about your knowledge level, and expand it as you go. Nonetheless, it’s good to thoroughly research the market, as though your podcast was a small business. 

Tips For Success

These are some general tips to find success in podcasting.

  • Always research what you want to say during your episode ahead of time. It will save you time editing the audio after recording and create a much smoother podcast.
  • Edit only as much as you absolutely need to. Many podcasters don’t edit their episodes at all. Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, and Joey Diaz are all successful podcasts with zero to no editing. If you feel the need to make a production out of it, that isn’t wrong. However, studies show that listeners prefer unedited podcasts.
  • Post episodes regularly. If you aren’t posting at regular intervals, you may find that listeners are forgetting about you entirely. You may post as often or as little as you like, but sticking to a schedule can help users anticipate your new podcast and listen to it out of habit. Note that, although you don’t need to post every day, going very long without posting is also likely to cause listeners to forget you.
  • Have a plan. You don’t need to script your podcasts, but it is always best to have a general outline of what you intend to say during recording. If you have a guest, prepare questions or points you would like to explore together

Using these tips you can easily grow a podcast channel. Most podcasting platforms allow you to monetize your podcast, but as your channel grows you may want to consider sponsorships or affiliate marketing. 

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