Earn Real Money With the New Pocket7Games Samsung Galaxy Store

Earning real money playing games has been a dream for many for a long time now. The Pocket7Games was designed to turn that dream into a reality. The app has been exclusive to the iOS App Store, but has now finally come to Samsung Galaxy Store. As one of the top-ranked apps in the Casino and Card Games categories, Pocket7Games is a proven platform. The skill games platform works with a number of trusted withdrawal providers to ensure players can access their winnings however and whenever they want. But how can players use the app to earn real money?

Earning real money with the Pocket7Games App

The Pocket7Games app isn’t just a game, it’s an all-in-one game platform that provides users with over 10 games to choose from. These games include titles like Dominoes and Bingo Clash. While the names are quite similar to your everyday games, they all provide a fun and unique experience.

Several of the games were inspired by well-established games like Bingo Clash, Solitaire, or Blackjack. The Pocket7Games’ version of Solitaire has a number of similarities with the original game, but it also incorporates competitive, skill-based elements and pits players head-to-head to see who can score the most points in a limited amount of time. The player with the most points takes home the prize, which can be in-game currency or real money. Of course, you can also broadcast your gameplay on Twitch, and get Twitch followers this way, which indirectly generates ad-based income for you.

If card games aren’t your thing, the app also offers exciting titles like Tile Blitz. Players familiar with Tetris may see some similarities, but the game provides an entirely new and different experience. Players use a steady supply of oddly shaped tiles to fill up a game board. Once a column or row is filled completely, the row disappears and points are added to the score. Whoever has the most points when time runs out takes home the prize.

Other games include:

  • Bingo Clash – A fresh take on the timeless game played around the world.
  • 21 Gold – A game that draws inspiration from Blackjack.
  • Dominoes – A competitive twist to one of the original table games.
  • Fruit Frenzy – A fast paced matching game with many different fruits.
  • Dunk Shot – A fun sports game based on basketball.
  • 2048 Blitz – An interesting and challenging game that encourages individuals to use math and think quickly.
  • Explodocube – A puzzle game where players try their best to combine similar cubes to clear out the game board.
  • Bubble Shot – Shoot colored bubbles to clear out the game board before the time limit runs out.

The Pocket7Games app features skill games and competition to provide players with a unique experience and offer them a chance to win real money. So, whether you are simply looking for a fun way to make some extra money, or you are serious about mobile skill gaming, Pocket7Games may be the right choice for you.

Getting the most out of the Pocket7Games Samsung app

At any time, players can log on to the app and earn real money, however, Pocket7Games consistently runs events and tournaments that increase players’ chances of earning more cash. Now the app is offering players a chance at $500 by simply inviting their friends and family to sign up and play.

Players can send their personal invite link to their friends and family. Once the link is used to download the game, the player will be given a “dig.” A dig gives players an opportunity to earn up to $500 by simply playing the Cash Miner mini-game. So whether you are a new player or an experienced veteran, now is the perfect time to play Pocket7Games and start earning free cash.


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