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Ever since COVID-19 has emerged, mobility has become restricted. All industries have been shut down while some may continue their operations, but with careful consideration of the health protocols. One of the industries that have been deeply affected is the education sector and that has been the reason most students and professors nowadays are struggling to cope up with necessary adjustments.

Through live video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, students and professors who are assigned to that day’s presentation will display his or her prepared slides using PPT. However, this is the common root of all presentation-related problems. Not all students and professors are highly familiar with how to create PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes, because of the high workload, they do not have enough time to create tons of PowerPoint presentations. Do not worry because we will show you how you can make a PowerPoint presentation in an instant with just a PDF file on hand!

What Is a PDF to PPT Conversion?

If you are already familiar with other types of file conversions like Word to PDF, PDF to Word, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to JPG, and so much more, you will also be glad to get to be familiar with the PDF to PPT conversion. This type of conversion will allow you to transform your readily available PDF file to PowerPoint Presentation that you can easily use to edit or revise afterward. It is a convenient tool that will help you ease your workload for the day. Its efficiency will also allow you to eliminate miscellaneous works in connection with every presentation preparation.

This is a great opportunity for every student and professor like you! Thus, you should be familiar with the tools that are needed to do such conversions. Do not worry because you can find a lot of PDF to PPT conversions on the internet! And the most highly recommended PDF to PPT conversion tool that we encourage you to visit and try is no other than the PDFBear!

What Is PDFBear, and Why Should You Choose It?

PDFBear is a free online conversion tool that you can use for any of your PDF conversion needs! Name all the conversion tools that you need and PDFBear will surely have it! You can treat this platform as a one-stop tool you can consistently visit anytime and anywhere. It is compatible with any operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows, and it is also compatible with any devices that you have at any moment like PC, Laptop, and Smartphone.

Among other PDF tools readily available on the internet, choosing PDFBear is a great decision. They offer high-quality services with no unnecessary subscriptions and prompts! This is perfect for a student who has no budget for subscriptions and for professors who are looking for the most efficient website. Aside from the efficiency it offers, you will also be amused with the safety and security this platform is committed to. They promise their users that they will erase all data that was uploaded into their server an hour after it was generated for download.

What’s with PDFBear’s PDF to PPT Conversion Tools?

If you manage to have a readily available PDF file on your device storage or in your Cloud storage, you can easily upload it in PDFBear. They are a Cloud-friendly platform that ensures the integrity of the converted PowerPoint files. The good thing is, after you have uploaded your PDF file into their interface, you will not be doing anything more because PDFBear will do all the conversion process for you! Rest assured that the waiting duration will only be from a minute to two! How efficient, right? This is perfect if you are preparing for an urgent presentation and you forgot to make a PowerPoint presentation ahead of time. If you wish to improve your converted PPT file, you can always do so afterward, and it will not be as time-consuming as starting from zero. No more typing of pieces of information in every slide deck of the PPT!


Whether we admit it or not, making PowerPoint presentations can be daunting, especially if you need to manually type all the pieces of information coming from a not editable PDF file to a PPT slide deck. That has been the reason why being familiar with the PDF to PPT tool can eliminate this daunting process is a must, especially as a student or professor who always needs to make tons of presentations. Choosing the best platform or software is also necessary to avoid unwanted problems in the process of conversions. We hope that through PDFBear, you can slay all your upcoming class presentations. Make sure to check PDFBear to get to know more of their tools and features that you can use for free!


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