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Playing online casino, winning money or prizes and transferring the cash prize from one wallet to another wallet- these are very common thing in today’s life and online gamblers are high habituated with these. Neteller, which is a very common term in the world of online gambling, is a very popularly used, highly secured and high speed money transferring service. This service is entirely free and you can add as many bank accounts or cards as you want to add. So let’s discuss on the best casino poker games online.

History of Neteller

Neteller was first introduced in the year of 1999 and it was the first online payment service in the world. At the time of creation, it’s headquarter was in Canada but later on it was moved to the Isle of Man in the year of 2004. It received the first investment of $70 million dollar which helped a lot to boost up the neteller’s growth and slowly it became one of the most popular payment gateways worldwide in online casino area. Neteller is still considered as the best payment tool associated to iGaming industry.

Skrill is another online payment service and also was the tuff competitor of Neteller. In the year of 2015, Neteller acquired the majority stake of skrill and become the biggest one in the payment gateway service of online casinos. Now a day’s Neteller online casinos are the most popular among all casinos

Use of Neteller e-wallet to deposit money

Neteller gives the option e-wallet. Suppose you want to set aside some money for your gambling passion and you don’t want to keep it in your bank account then e-wallet option provided by Neteller is very useful. Even you don’t need to spend any time to create your e-wallet. But for the security purpose you need to follow the below steps to use your Neteller e-wallet.

  1. Please ensure that you are keeping enough fund in your e-wallet or top up your e-wallet by any convenient method.
  2. Navigate to the deposit section of your online casino cashier.
  3. Select Neteller as your deposit option and write down the amount you are willing put keep in your wallet.
  4. Give your security credentials and account or card details.
  5. Confirm the transfer and you will find within few seconds your wallet will be funded

Use of Neteller e-wallet to withdraw money

Transferring money from Neteller e-wallet is also very easy.

  1. To transfer money from your e-wallet, there are some pre-requisites. Please make sure that you have properly updated your identity proofs and those are validated from Neteller’s end.
  2. Navigate to the withdrawal section in your casino cashier.
  3. Write down the amount you want to withdraw. Make sure the amount is available in your wallet which you want to transfer.
  4. Now, confirm the withdrawal operation and you will find that within few seconds your money will be transferred to the target system.

Charges and tenure to deposit or withdraw money

Neteller is a widely used payment gateway in the world of online casino. So most of the casinos do not charge anything for this gateway. But this may vary from casino to casino. So our suggestion would be to read all the terms and conditions very carefully before choosing any casino.

And if you are worried about the transaction time then it is the time to relax. Neteller provides instant payment means after initiating the transaction it will take from few seconds to one or two minutes.

How secured Neteller is

Neteller provides high end security in any kind of transactions. But few common things you should always keep in your mind like do not share your card details, password, OTP or any other confidential credential with anyone. Neteller uses SSL data encryption which keeps all the records highly confidential and save it from fraudsters.

Bonus offers

Most of the Neteller casino offers different types of bonuses. You can get some bonuses by referring your friends, you can get bonus by transferring money or if you are new etc. These bonuses can be of many forms like this may be a cash bonus or free spins on popular slots. Once you make a deposit to your e-wallet, you can win extra cashes. So what can be better than this? You are getting top notch security, high convenience and bonuses. When you will be looking for bonuses then do not pay much attention to the level of the awards or bonuses. There may be some hidden T&C which you should read first.

Below are some online casinos which offers the best bonuses to the person who make deposits using Neteller e-wallets

  • Party Casino
  • Mr Bit Casino
  • LeoVegas Casino etc.

So, to conclude, Neteller is the best payment option for the online gamblers which provides you a wide range of benefits. Do not think of a second thought, just join and enjoy the benefits of Neteller.


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