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Easy-to-use Facebook Story Video Downloader – Snaptube

The only issue that continues to exist with the Facebook website or application is that the downloading feature is not currently available. The video can be saved, but the only way to watch it is in the officially associated app. 

Sometimes, you might need a story video to watch or show others when you are not connected to the Internet. In this predicament, it is essential to have a robust Facebook story saver application. You are about to read an article that will provide you with information about a one-of-a-kind application that has the potential to make the Facebook video download process music easier. 

Introducing the Best Facebook Video Downloader

You may come across people posting exciting stories on Facebook. However, Facebook stories are deleted precisely one day after they are published on the platform. Similarly, you can only watch videos on Facebook when connected to the Internet.

Does it sound disheartening? Don’t be concerned! We have a simple answer for the issue that you are having. The days that there was no such thing as downloading stories from Facebook no longer existed. 

Although there are multiple apps which allow you to downloading Facebook stories, the functioning Snaptube is excellent and super simple. 

With the help of Snaptube Facebook story download app:

  • You can download Facebook stories in an easy-to-use process and watch them later when you’re not connected to the Internet. 
  • You can download videos from Facebook in high quality MP4 and MP3 format. 
  • You can save unlimited videos and music from over 100 streaming sites for free.

Let’s dive in to learn more about how to use this FB story video downloader so we can get the most out of this feature.

A quick clarification before we get started: users’ content in their Facebook stories might include personally identifiable information. Because of this, we suggest you contact the content’s author for permission before storing it on your device. 

How to Download Facebook Story Videos Easily?

Regarding Facebook story video downloader apps for Android devices, Snaptube is head and shoulders above the competition. It enables downloading videos in various resolutions and formats, and the process only requires three basic steps to complete.

1. Download Snaptube

Get the most recent version of the Snaptube apk by going to its official website. You can finish the installation by allowing your browser to access the necessary permissions.

2. Copy & Paste the Facebook Story Link

Copy the link to the video on Facebook by clicking the Share button. Then open the Snaptube app and paste the copied link into the search bar. This will allow you to directly locate the video. 

Easy to use Facebook Story Video Downloader Snaptube1

3. Download Facebook Stories to your mobile phone

To download the video, click the button located below it. Make your selections for the resolution and the format. It would help if you waited a few moments, and the video from Facebook would be downloaded onto your phone.

Snaptube is a Facebook story download app that does much more than just download videos from Facebook. It also includes a great function that can extract audio and save it as MP3 files of the highest possible quality. Using the Snaptube app, you can get a world of videos and music for free.  Additionally, Snaptube enables users to download photos from Facebook and Instagram all at once.


Why Should You Go With Snaptube?

  • Original quality video available for download
  • 100% free forever
  • MP4/MP3 downloads
  • Over one billion devoted users

Is it possible to use the Snaptube Facebook downloader app on iPhone?

The Snaptube story downloader Facebook is currently only available for Android devices and does not provide support for iOS-based gadgets. You may require the assistance of some online fb story video downloader tools to save videos from Facebook to your iPhone successfully.

Where are the videos that I’ve downloaded from Facebook stored?

You can quickly locate Facebook videos and music downloaded by going to Snaptube and selecting “My Files.” They are also kept in the memory built into your mobile device.

How do I download the Facebook story with music?

Every video will include background music if you download Facebook Stories through Snaptube. Additionally, you can extract audio from videos that have already been downloaded.


Hence, the process of saving a Facebook story is very simple, and with Snaptube it becomes even more easier as hardly within a few seconds you will have the story saved in your phone gallery. 


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