To compare electronic cigarettes with conventional tobacco cigarettes which use grabba leaf or other nicotine products, we will briefly describe their chemical composition. Ingredients of a tobacco cigarette:

  • Carbon monoxide CO;
  • 4000 different resins, which are formed from the burning of the tobacco itself and the burning of sauces, which are added to tobacco in the manufacture of cigarettes;
  • More than 60 different carcinogens, proven by medicine;
  • The chemical cocktail, which is impregnated with paper in a cigarette, contains up to 600 chemicals that have been disclosed by tobacco companies by court order.

Here is an incomplete list of these substances: dimethyl succinate, ammonium sulfide, methoxypyrazine, benzophenone, dimethyl succinate, methyl sulfide, 1-butanol, isobutyraldehyde, butyl butyrate.

A complete list of the chemical constituents of a regular cigarette can be found on Wikipedia:

Tobacco smoke not only causes cancers of some organs, but also disrupts the work of the heart and circulatory system, which not everyone even knows about. Yellowing on the fingers, yellowing of the teeth, any professional narcologist will determine this bad habit by the skin. 

Now let’s look at an electronic cigarette and indicate its advantages:

  1. An electronic cigarette does not contain carcinogenic and other more than 4000 harmful substances (including tar) emitted when burning a regular cigarette, which provoke cancer cells in the body.
  2. There are no combustion products, since instead of smoke, vapor is generated from the liquid by means of a steam generator (atomizer).
  3. In almost all civilized countries there is a ban on smoking in public places. The advantage of an electronic cigarette is the possibility of smoking where it is prohibited – it does not burn, does not smell, does not cause discomfort to others.
  4. There is no effect of secondhand smoke (no harm to people around the smoker)
  5. When switching to an electronic cigarette, a person’s sense of smell and taste increases several times, food becomes tastier.
  6. Many causes of cough that occur when smoking tobacco are eliminated, shortness of breath disappears.
  7. Having started to smoke an electronic cigarette, a person experiences positive effects: fingers do not turn yellow, the skin does not coarse and does not age, there is no unpleasant odor from the mouth and clothes, teeth become whiter, since ES does not leave a yellow plaque on them.
  8. ES cigarettes are easy to replace and can meet the needs of any smoker.
  9. The electronic cigarette helps to quit smoking quickly and without pain, since the amount of nicotine can be regulated.
  10. Fire safety. Of course, doctors’ comments on the electronic cigarette are different, but as doctors say, they need to be studied more carefully, and this will take more than one year. But now we can say with confidence that they cause less harm to our body and health than smoking regular cigarettes. A. Averyanov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Deputy. Director for Research of the Research Institute of Pulmonology of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia writes: “We have every reason to believe that electronic cigarettes in terms of health risk do not even reach the level of 1% of that presented by ordinary cigarettes.                                                                                                                            


  1. The e-cigarette is not certified by WHO, and no large-scale research has been carried out on this device. Neither the cartridges nor the cigarettes themselves are subject to mandatory certification – that is, unscrupulous sellers can easily produce counterfeits or devices hazardous to health.
  2. The content of harmful substances in cartridges for refueling is completely on the conscience of manufacturers. According to research by American scientists, electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative to conventional ones, since the nicotine content in them exceeds the declared one, and they are most often produced in Chinese factories in violation of safety standards.
  3. The liquid, the evaporation of which mimics tobacco smoke, contains propylene glycol. It can cause allergic reactions and even block the smoker’s breathing. Smokers can have lung and throat problems.
  4. Depending on the nicotine content of the cartridges, e-cigarettes can even cause nicotine addiction in non-smokers.
  5. Simulating smoke in the form of steam can be psychologically annoying due to its visual resemblance to cigarette smoke.
  6. There is no savings from an electronic cigarette, often a person begins to smoke even more – because of the realization of the supposed harmlessness of this habit.
  7. The obvious disadvantages of electronic cigarettes is a recognized fact – after the transition to electronic cigarettes, there is no quitting of the smoking habit, but only a psychological dependence on a new type of smoking appears.

It turns out that electronic cigarettes themselves are not safe and have not been studied sufficiently, but they are safer than ordinary cigarettes: they bring less harm to others and produce less toxic components of tobacco smoke.


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