Elden Ring Game Guide How to Unlock Hidden Side Quests in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Game Guide: How to Unlock Hidden Side Quests in Elden Ring

Due to the open world in Elden Ring, players needs to explore the world by themselves in the beginning of Elden Ring. Players need to pay attention to the conversation with NPCs and know what to do in the later game. However, there are also hidden side quests in Elden Ring. They are elusive and easily missed by players. On the other hand, some hidden side quests can unlock secret endings. You can learn from this article to know how to unlock some hidden side quests in Elden Ring. In addition, players can make their characters equip good Elden Ring Items in order to kill more enemies in Elden Ring.

Iron Fist Alexander’s Questline

Iron Fist Alexander is close to the Onion Knight in Elden Ring. He is a specific unit of a jar-man in the game. And they also know how to fight. Alexander has his own martial skills as well. You can find him in Northern Stormhill.

In the early time, Alexander will be trapped in the ground and ask for help from players. You have to beat him and set off his quest chain. Then, players have to find him in these certain areas. They are the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia of the Lake, Gael Tunnel, Seethwater Terminus in Mt. Gelmir. In the end, Alexander will challenge players to a duel in the Crumbling Farum Azula. Players will be rewarded with Alexander’s Innards and Shards of Alexander Talisman, as well as friendship with a jar.

Blaidd’s Questline

Blaidd is a big wolfman who serves Ranni in Elden Ring. Players can meet him brooding on top of some ruins in Mistwood. It is easy to miss the track of him, so players need to listen to the sounds in the Mistwood carefully. Players can also ask Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh about him. And he will tell you how to get Blaidd’s attention in turn.

Then, Blaidd will give players quests that finding and defeating someone in Elden Ring. And this quest is associated with fights against Forlorn Hound Evergaol. In the end, players will be rewarded with a Somber Smithing Stone.

Millicent’s Questline

Millicent is a tragic character who suffers from the Scarlet Rot plague in Caelid. And her adoptive father Gowry is going to cure her. So, players will be asked to retrieve a needle that can make it. Players have to defeat Commander O’Niel, a boss in the swamp near Sellia.

When her father has cured her, you will earn Millicent’s friendship. Then, she will move a lot in the world of Elden Ring. You will meet her in the Windmill Heights Grace after killing the village’s boss. You will be rewarded with Unalloyed Gold Needle.

Volcano Manor Questlines

Most players will miss this side quest, because it is not obvious for players to find the main road of the western Altus Plateau. Although players have got acquainted and instructed by the Recusant covenant, they will also ignore this side quest.

On the one hand, there are several NPCs that release their own quests. If players have beat the Rykard boss fight too early, they will have no access to start the side quest. In order to open this side quest early, players can try to talk with all NPC inn the Volcano Manor in advance, and then they can start to fight against Rykard. Players can be rewarded with several impressive armor sets and weapons.

Players can try to find more side quests in the world of Elden Ring. And they will get a large amount of rewards from completing them. If you are lack of good weapons or armor sets, you can Buy Elden Ring Items to select the best of them for your characters.






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