Electric skateboard weight limit – What are the top choices for heavier riders?

Electric skateboarding is fun but it is not suitable for anyone. People with heavy weight often wonder if they can ride this type of vehicle? My answer is yes. Whether you can ride an electric skateboard depends not on your weight but on the e-skateboard weight limit. Sometimes you may think you are too fat, but the board doesn’t think so, maybe it will say: “Get on! I can carry you, buddy”. All right, I’m just joking. Now, let’s have a look into the electric skateboard weight limit and see if it can carry you or not.

Why do electric skateboards have a weight limit?

Some skateboards have a maximum public weight limit that it can carry, others don’t. There is no universal weight limit for all electric skateboards. The weight restriction is put in place to make sure the user knows the maximum weight it can carry so that they have balances to ensure the board is not overloaded. In addition, even weight distribution can increase the maximum load capacity of the board. It is for this reason that heavy riders need to pay attention to the way their feet are positioned so that the weight placed on the nose, tail, and center of the skateboard is the same.

Here are some tips about foot positioning:

– Place your foot where the main bolts are fastened.

– Do not leave your foot in the middle of the deck for too long or stomp on this position. When too much weight is put there, the skateboard can break in half.

I kept this tip a bit short so that you can follow the topic of my article more easily, but if you want to read a detailed article on how to ride an electric skateboard or anything related to e-skateboard, you can visit the eSkateBuddy.

What is the average weight capacity of e-skateboards?

The average weight limit of electric skateboards is 220 pounds. There’s nothing to worry about if you’re under this weight. If you weigh a little more than 220 pounds, you can still ride most e-skateboards on the market today, but if it’s much heavier then you should be careful.

There are now some models specifically designed for heavier people, but generally support weights are still in the range of 200-300 pounds. 

What are the factors affecting the e-skateboard weight capacity?

The factors that have the greatest influence on the maximum weight capacity of the skateboard are the material and the motor of the board.


Electric skateboard has a design quite similar to a traditional skateboard. That means it has a fairly thin design. That’s why the maximum weight depends more on the strength of the material. If the board is made of another heavier material, it will become more difficult to control and cause falls and injuries.

Power of the motor

Besides the material, the power of the motor is also a factor affecting the weight limit. If your weight exceeds the weight limit of the board, it may not break as soon as you step on it, but it will reduce the performance of the board. The more powerful the motor, the more weight it can carry. 

The importance of weight in electric skateboarding

As mentioned above, the weight has a direct impact on the quality of your ride and experience. Here are the reasons you need to care about the weight limit.

  1. Poor performance

Anything beyond the limit is not good. Electric skateboard motors are designed for a specific power. When the weight limit is exceeded, the electronics, brakes and gears all work improperly or quickly fail. You will notice a decrease in performance such as the board not hitting its top speed, having difficulty accelerating, and being unable to climb or climb up an incline or hill very slowly.

  1. Safety

Heavy riders are often at a higher risk of injury because their excess weight makes the skateboard difficult to control and the rider will lose balance and fall. In addition, weight also affects braking distance. You’ve probably learned in physics that a heavy object takes some time to start moving, but once it gains initial velocity and accelerates , it’s very difficult to stop. This is even more difficult when going downhill because when going down an incline the speed is very high. Inertially, you will continue to run for a while before you can stop completely. Imagine if you are forced to make a quick stop to avoid a passerby but can’t stop, what will happen, you probably know. 

  1. Battery range

People who are overweight will have the battery drain faster. Why is that? The battery will consume more power to load the weight and move. Even if you don’t exceed the weight limit, you’ll see boards of heavier users run out of battery sooner.

  1. Board longevity

Your electric skateboard may be advertised as going for 3 years, but provided you use it properly according to the instructions and with regular care. On the contrary, if you constantly make it carry excess weight, it will definitely break before 3 years. 

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Recommended e-skateboards for heavy riders

  1. Teamgee H20

This is a model that can be said to be designed specifically for heavy people. It is a 38*9*0.6 inch longboard with a maximum weight capacity of up to 286 pounds (130kg). Top speed is 26mph (42km/h). With these features, the Teamgee H20 is like a beast on the road.


  1. The Teamgee H20T 

This one has the same size and weight limit as the Teamee 20 but has a more powerful motor (2*600W), but it has a lower range (22 miles) than the Teamgee 20 (25 miles). The Teamgee H20T gives you stability and comfort. The deck has a concave design with curved sides to support the riders’ balance when riding on rough surfaces.


Again I would say that heavy people can ride electric skateboards, but you need to consider carefully the weight limit of the board you are planning to buy. And a fact you have to accept is that your vehicle will not last as long as the others of lighter users. Take a close look at the 2 models suggested above, they are the beasts for you.


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