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An interesting aspect of being tall is the amount of social advantages that come along with it. For example, it has been shown that taller men make better connections which provide them with the opportunity to make more money and secure better, high quality jobs. In fact, a study performed to examine this phenomenon found that, “someone who is 6 feet tall earns, on average, nearly $166,000 more during a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches — even when controlling for gender, age and weight.”

Not only does having a greater height lead to making more money, it can also give an upper hand when developing relationships. Taller men are perceived as being more trustworthy by their peers which aids in increasing the quality of their connections with the people around them. The added height provided by elevator shoes makes the wearer come across as more attractive due to these benefits.

Move with comfort

Height increasing shoes of the past have gained a reputation for being unattractive and making the wearer uncomfortable due to low quality designs. This is a problem that has been eliminated with the elevator shoe. The elevator shoe is intentionally designed to increase your height while still ensuring that you are comfortable. The shape of the insole is curated to fit the foot in a natural manner that allows the wearer to walk in them for long periods of time with ease. Both on the interior and exterior of the shoes, high quality materials are featured to further the overall comfort of the footwear. Because of this, you are able to wear the shoes for the entirety of your day, never having to worry about taking them off and losing your newfound height.

Along with this, the shoes allow you to stand taller which can help better your posture. Shorter men are known to slouch which can cause back issues and discomfort throughout the day. The elevating soles of the footwear prevent this problem and provide a solution that can allow the wearer to move in comfort.

Take the next step

Elevator shoes have opened up an exciting new world of possibilities to men. The problem of height has for years been one that has caused insecurity and a lack of confidence in people, but this revolutionary footwear has been able to make that a thing of the past. From boosting your levels of confidence to enhancing the overall quality of your life, elevator shoes are the missing piece needed to finally get what you desire.


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