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People are more worried about email deliverability than anything else. What does it mean? It is the number of emails getting delivered to the recipients out of all the emails sent. For example, if your email deliverability rate is 60/100, only 60 out of the 100 emails sent reach the recipient’s inbox. What about the other emails?

Did they disappear, or did we lose them in the network? The reason behind the rest of the emails not being delivered is they are spammed or blacklisted. The deliverability of emails is a serious concern among most people. The people adversely affected due to these spam filter blockages are the business people. Emails ending in spam folders can cost us excellent opportunities and lead to losses too. 

The reasons for these restrictions could be anything as simple as using potential spam words in the emails. Unless the emails are free from these restrictions, the chances of not reaching the inboxes and remaining in the spam folders are relatively high. We can avoid spamming and ensure deliverability by using an email tester.

Folderly Email Tester:

Folderly is an AI-based email testing platform helping numerous people improve their businesses. We all know that emails are formal and widely-used for professional communication. How can we risk an opportunity by not caring enough? Well, apart from copy-pasting our email in the specified dialogue box, there is nothing we need to do. 

Once we drop the information in the email, Folderly runs various campaigns and tests the emails for spam words, blacklists, etc. The results display on the screen, and we can cross-check the flaws. The displayed results include the number of errors in the email, number of non-errors or spam-free words, and warnings. We can improve our emails’ quality by analyzing these outcomes.

Features of Folderly Email Tester:

Recent studies state that nearly fifty percent of business emails are not delivered to the recipients and are spammed. Folderly strives to ensure that our mails aren’t one of this fifty percent. Be it a startup, enterprise, or agency, communication through emails is a potential breakthrough. Losing out the opportunities even without reaching the destination isn’t fair, right? Folderly offers two different services described below giving us an assurance that our emails reach the destined recipients.  

1. Email Spam Check:

Folderly checks the information in our emails to identify spam words. Even the commonly-used words could be a part of blacklists. We can’t know and memorize these restrictions, right? So, Folderly  performs various spam-check campaigns to detect these concerns so that the email deliverability rates improve. This scrutiny also helps in saving our business and marketing emails from various blocking filters and spam. Folderly email tester fixes these issues in just three simple steps. They are:

Step – 1: Connect any domain or email address on any ESP having Oath, IMAP, or SMTP integrations. To be precise, this step is starting the search campaign.

Step – 2: Folderly thoroughly verifies every single word in our emails and detects potential concerns and performance dips. Apart from these, this email tester also finds out the source of the sending issues.

Step – 3: In the final step, Folderly fixes all the issues related to our emails and ensures maximum deliverability.

The verification process followed by the Folderly email testing platform is as follows:

  • The campaigns first try to identify the technical issues related to the emails, if any. 
  • After clearing off the technical issues, this platform focuses on spam filters. 
  • Folderly improves the email placement by boosting the rating of email addresses associated with the platform. 

The email placements improve as a result of the spam fixing rating of mails sent from registered email addresses. Apart from spam checking, there is another service in store for us. 

2. Email Deliverability Test:

We can pass through the spam filters if we have an idea about the potential blockages or restrictions present in our emails. We can also figure out the performance dips and the source behind these sending issues. Understanding the aspects inhibiting email deliveries can help in improving our chances of having a good deliverability test score. The best part here is, Folderly also gives crucial suggestions to improve the emails’ reach. 

Apart from email testing, Folderly allows us to perform domain testing and analyze these results too. We can use Folderly to understand various factors like DNS issues, spam filters, blacklists, etc., and rectify the mails as well. On close observation, we can understand that Folderly also amends the sending process apart from helping us in rectifying our mails.

Some other intriguing aspects of this email testing platform apart from these services are as follows:

  • Folderly is home to more than two hundred trusted customers, i.e., business firms from all over the world.
  • We have the flexibility of using over fifty different email service providers and connect them to Folderly. These service providers include leading and renowned Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, etc.
  • Apart from eliminating spam, Folderly also helps in eliminating various bypass spam filters, blacklists, etc., which is due to excellent designs starting from as basic as the ground levels. 
  • The process behind testing the emails for spams used by Folderly is explained below:
  • We need to initiate the process by connecting to Folderly using an email or a domain address.
  • As we click on the email spam test service, Folderly begins the process by sending emails to various accounts. The recipients here are either owned by Folderly or third-party sources like Spam Assassin, Multiple Spam Filters, Symantec Cloud, Barracuda, etc.
  • The results are then displayed to us for reference after Folderly servers analyze the reports and responses from these emails.
  • We also find valuable improvements to our emails based on the issues found during the scrutiny. The best part here is, we do not have to look for the amendments, especially as they come tailored with the analyzed reports.

Folderly email testing platform is home to numerous satisfied customers around the world. We also have customer assistance available all the time, and we can use it to clear any kind of queries or solve service-related problems.


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