English Premier League

Since England is known as the founding country of soccer, their championship is watched by the whole world. As a result, it is very popular with betting enthusiasts. Fans from all over the world place bets on the matches of the next round of the English Premier League and watch the games curiously every week. But to get good wins, you also need to choose a good and reliable bookmaker like 22Bet.

Why will the English Premier League be of interest to you?

The best soccer managers work in England. For example, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are now working in the English Premier League, who are the best managers in the world at the moment, according to many ratings. The teams of these two great managers often fight for the championship title until the very last round. Such intense races are rarely seen in other top European championships.

There also are a lot of strong teams in the English Premier League, so it is difficult to predict who will become the champion in each new season. Besides the 5-6 leaders, there are other teams that can make a splash. For example, one of the main soccer sensations happened in the English Premier League, when the championship was won by the small soccer club Leicester, which was considered the underdog. 

There are many strong players in the English Premier League. The average Premier League player is worth € 16 million. This is significantly more than in such countries as Spain or Italy which are also considered top championships. 

English soccer fans are as interesting as the game itself. At the English Premier League matches, you rarely see empty seats in the stands, and fans visit even the matches of the most hopeless teams.

English clubs are some of the most popular in the world. You can find fans of any Premier League team anywhere in the world. 

Betting on the English Premier League

We have already mentioned that 22Bet is the most reliable bookmaker among all the existing. Years of experience, an endless number of satisfied customers and good reviews, many interesting offers for betting fans – these are the main reasons to bet with 22Bet. 

You can make wagers on all interesting events, top championships on their website. But besides betting, you can also find out all the statistics, sports news, and other useful information on the 22Bet website. Also, 22Bet has a convenient mobile application with a simple and beautiful interface. 


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