Essential Things You Should Attention At The Beginning of Path of Exile 3.20 Expansion

Without further ado, let’s talk about some mistakes to avoid and things you should do in a league start of POE 3.20 Expansion. Now league start is a magical time where everybody comes together is hyped about the changes, and just has fun with The Forbidden Sanctum. Meanwhile, whoever figures everything out first in the new league, will have an economical, leveling or farming advantages and other stuffs.

But there’s also things will likely ruin the league start, maybe not seriously or not preparing enough, or maybe just completely neglecting all of your surround things. Since this will be some issues on my Roguelike start as well, I’ll give you some feedback on that, so let’s get it.

Play Your Favourite Build

Kick off with the biggest thing here by far playing a build. You don’t like and sure you’ve heard this before, just play a build you like. It’s not that easy sometimes, maybe you enjoy builds that aren’t really meta at the moment, or not well balanced, or cannot be powerful enough for your league start. If that sucks, the most likely your whole league experience will suck. I think meta builds are important, especially for new player, but most of time you don’t even know what you like, so just pick a build and it’s awesome.

If there’s a particular build that you enjoy, for example Righteous Fire, and it just happens to be meta with less currency costing, why wouldn’t you play it? That’s awesome! But they are not needed to complete the game, and this all has to do with how much you actually care. Maybe, ¬†you have enough POE Currency to make your own build now, maybe you just have to do more research, you can also find something right if you go on POE Ninja. Or maybe you can even DM someone in game, ask him how did he level his build. Those methods take a little bit of effort probably more than something like a meta build that’s just like easily available out there, but it will be worth it in the end.

Currently this need to play meta build has gotten a lot worse, because it has been getting harder and harder to complete the game with Archnemesis and POE Jewel updates in the game. We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but with the curse changes as well making bossing easier, it should be once again much easier to play builds that aren’t considered the best. Meanwhile, I believe you’re not going to play a build as much if you don’t like it, you’re probably would log off as early as you can. So even if you think that meta builds will get you somewhere faster, they might actually not. Because you might not have as much fun when you playing a build you don’t like.

Test Different Builds

Another thing I would recommend everybody do, not just people who play off meta builds is testing the first 38 levels of your build. The first 38 levels will not spoil it for you, but what they will give you is knowing where to get your gems and currency from, and I know you think you have it all in your head, but doing it once it’s not gonna take that much time. It’s going to make it that much easier at least, especially when there’s a league mechanic out there that you don’t know what’s going on but you have to engage with. For example, Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder, if you test the first 38 levels and don’t like this skill, you can pull a second build out after just realizing that, it would not cause you a lot of time loss.

Failure Is Not A Big Issue

With all that being said, the failure also comes learning experiences. If you always just go the safe route, or if you always play meta builds, never experiment and never try new things, you’re not going to fail. However, which means you’re probably not going to learn as much as I can try to convey you. Just like general knowledge, these small things that you can only really experience yourself, that don’t fit into a guide, so even if your league start kind of fails, you can still make something out of it, at least you try it.

Do Not Have Too Many Goals

Then, not setting yourself goals. This is a big one, people just get into a league and they don’t really know what to expect, they’re kind of like lukewarm about the league like week one, and they have no idea what should they do now, and they don’t know what build to play, what to strive for. Sure some people have a goal, like I want to get a Headhunter, I want to get more poe 3.20 currency items than other, but that’s not all of players.

So there are lots of things you can do. For example we talked about planning out your build, you can also plan what kind of build you want to get into as your second one, this can also be stuff like farming Currency methods, plan out your Atlas Passive Skill Tree, all of those things.

At the end of the day, Path of Exile is a vast game, you need some guidance, planning out your goals will also make it way easier to choose a build, some builds excel at poe 3.20 currency farming, some builds excel at mapping, some can do better at killing bosses. This can also give you a lot more freedom to think about other things, you don’t have to plan these out in detail, and do not have a few notes open on the other monitor while you’re league starting.


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