Everything You Need to Know About a Sham – What is a Sham?

What is a sham or pillow sham? According to Wikipedia, “The pillow sham or cushion, also called a shamrock, is a padded covering that is shaped like a flattened beach ball and used as a bed accessory. It was invented in the late eighteenth century by Polish furniture designer JanSport Zalewski.” How has it become such a popular decorative addition to bedroom decorating? Pillow shams come in many different shapes and sizes, not to mention colors.

Pillow shams can be used with all kinds of throw pillows such as twin, queen, king, and California king-sized mattresses. Decorative shamrocks were originally designed to make the pillows more appealing and more decorative for the couches. Decorative pillows have also become a trend in home decorating because they provide a focal point in a room where a decorative pillow may be placed.

Decorative pillows are not just for decorative purposes anymore! In the past decade or so, many people have purchased them to personalize their home decor. People have purchased shamrock pillows for children’s rooms, office chairs, dorm rooms, and even couches! Shamrock pillows have even found their way onto wedding cakes.


If you are a bride planning a wedding, you may want to get creative with the look of your wedding cake. For the most traditional look, use a simple round pillow shamer. To get a less traditional or more modern look, consider getting monogrammed pillow shams as shams are ornamental covers that will provide a modern look. You can have wedding pillow shams monogrammed for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, and best man. You can have custom printed pillow shams for the parents of your groom’s children.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to update your bedroom, consider investing in a few pillow shams. They can easily be turned into decorative centerpieces. The best thing about pillow shams is that you can change the design on them anytime. Unlike linens or comforters, you can change the style of pillow sham on a whim. If you prefer a more classic look, get one with a knot design. If you would like something a bit more modern, get a design with a cartoon character on it.

Pillow shams are extremely versatile! They come in various shapes, colors, and themes to suit your taste. If you want to purchase several pillow shams to coordinate with your current bedding, you can even turn them into throw pillows!

Pillow shams may seem like an insignificant detail when you are buying bed pillows, but they are useful in several ways. For one, you will not have to worry about getting the same old pillow from the store each time you go to bed. You can change the design on them whenever you like, making them a unique piece of decor. If you do your homework, you can find beautiful sham-covered pillows that will make any room in your home more stylish.

A sham is a decorative accent designed to soften a hard surface, like a mattress for example, so that you can sleep better. You will also find that there are many styles available. There are large pillows, small ones, rectangular pillows, even ones shaped like animals. The best part is that they do not usually cost a lot of money, so if you are on a budget you should be able to find a variety of sham covers for little or no money at all.

So if you are looking for a pillow sham, but do not know what type you want to buy, you should consider the options above. You will probably be surprised to see just how many different designs and styles there are, making it easy to find the perfect pillow sham for your space. Just like other counterparts such as mattress or blankets type and size may vary from store to store, it is same with shams too. Simply make sure that you look at the sizes available to make sure that you get the right size.

What exactly is a pillow sham? To put it simply, a stuffed pillow sham is a pillowcase that aims to make your stuffed pillow look more ornamental. Both pillowcases and pillow shams are usually covering your pillows. But a stuffed pillow sham is much simpler for its intended purpose.

It protects the pillow from everyday wear and tears as well as keeping it clean. This makes it great for people who like to change their pillows now and then. You can get creative with your pillow shampoos and conditioners. You can even mix and match them with different kinds of bed pillows. For example, you can have a chocolate-colored bed pillow and a floral patterned pillow sham to add more interest to it.

A lot of people like to use pillow shampoos and conditioners which are in animal designs. Pillowcases or pillow shams can be used to complement those designs as well. For example, if you want to have a deer design on your bed pillows, you can easily do so by getting a stuffed deer pillowcase or by adding a few strands of artificial hair to your pillow sham. Another idea would be to use a seashell pattern as your pillowcase and a couple of shells as your pillow shampoos.

Now that you know what a pillow sham is and how you can make one, you should be ready to shop for them online. You may even want to buy them in bulk so you will have them in plenty once you start using them. These are small, cheap pieces of throw pillow that you can use to cover your pillows and other bedroom accessories. They are inexpensive and are extremely easy to make at home.



What is a pillow sham? Is the wonder gone now? If you still think these bed pillows are just plain pillows covered in fancy patterns, then think again, there are a lot of things that can be done with these pillow covers.

Now that you have learned what pillow sham is, you should know what to do with it after you purchase it. A great way to use up all of your pillows is to store them in decorative throw pillowcases. This will allow you to use up all of the covers you have bought and still have space left over for other purposes. After all, people who purchase the same thing over might as well use it up and leave nothing behind.


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