Everything you need to know about lash serums

If you ever wanted a beautiful set of eyelashes that are long, dark, and beautiful, you are not the only one. To reach that goal, you may have spent hours in beauty salons and gone through complicated and sometimes risky processes to get beautiful but temporary lash extensions. You will need to reapply or adjust lash extensions every month or so, for them to stay beautiful. And sometimes, if the extensions are not done carefully and correctly, when you want to get them removed, they will damage your lashes or some of your natural lashes might get pulled out too. 

The other common solution that a great percentage of women go for is finding a good mascara product that will make their lashes look longer and fuller or curlier. In this process of finding a fitting mascara, they might cause a lot of damage to their eyelashes and lash follicles. Because usually, cosmetic mascaras do not contain natural and healthy ingredients. 

So if you have tried any of these ways for a considerable amount of time, it is understandable to want a more permanent solution. There is a way that can help your lashes gain a fluttery, dense and thick look naturally. Eyelash serums can make this happen by strengthening the lash roots or follicles, or repairing any damage that has been done to your precious eyelashes. These functions depend on the type of the eyelash serum product and also depend on your needs. 

What are eyelash serums and what do they do?

Lash serums come in different types and formulas. They are usually colorless and transparent in texture, and they feel super light on the skin. The eyelash serums aim to deliver stronger, longer, and denser lashes and also decrease the fragility of the lashes after using them for a relatively short amount of time. Eyelash serum needs to be applied on the edge of your eyelids, the place where your eyelashes start growing from,  and by absorbing into the follicles, it stimulates eyelash growth. If your lashes have become lustrous, sparse, or thin, you may want to try suitable and effective eyelash serums to fortify your lashes and nourish your lash follicles, so that they get the nutrients that they need and grow stronger and more beautiful lashes. 

What are some effective ingredients in eyelash serums?

Each eyelash serum product may vary in its ingredients list, but there are some ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance and condition the lashes. The hair on our heads, our eyebrows, and our eyelashes are all made of protein.  So one of the main ingredients that you will encounter in any effective lash serum’s ingredients list is amino acids or peptides. These components include keratin, which is the main protein in our hair and lashes, and also amino acids that make up silk and lupins since they are known to speed up the lashes’ growth. Another common ingredient in lash serums that also works on the hydration and conditioning of the lashes is hyaluronic acid, which will keep your lashes hydrated and protect them against breakage. You may also see the name “collagen” on the list as it is an essential protein in the beauty of our skin, hair, and lashes. Castor oil is a common ingredient in lash serums too, as it greatly helps with the moisturization and nourishment of your beloved lashes and gives your lashes a refined look. An essential vitamin from the B group is biotin; this vitamin helps with strengthening the keratin protein and, therefore, making your lashes thicker and stronger. You will encounter other ingredients in an eyelash serum, but the ones mentioned should be found in an effective lash serum product.

How do I use an eyelash serum?

The best time to apply eyelash serums is after all the other steps of your daily skincare and beauty routine are finished. The applicators in different lash serums may vary.  Some of them come with a brush applicator that looks like a mascara wand,  which makes the application process a piece of cake. The other lash serums include a Q-Tip or a fine liner soft brush; while using these serums, just paint a fine line at the edge of your eyelids where the roots of your lashes are. The serum will typically transfer to your bottom lashes, so you only need to apply it to the top ones. Based on your needs, you can apply the serums once or twice a day, and it is best to apply the lash serums on clean and dry lashes. This application should be consistent for you to see the best and promised results in a few weeks or months.

What are some of the best serums on the market?

Besides looking at the ingredients list on an eyelash serum product, you should know about some other factors too. One of them is whether the product is cruelty free or not.  These days, established and famous brands are trying to produce their products without harming the animals and the earth. So by buying cruelty free products, we are helping to maintain a sustainable planet and also, having a guilty Conscience free mind. You should also pay attention to the brand’s name and whether it uses natural, safe, and plant-based ingredients. Among the many lash serum products available on the beauty market nowadays, we have chosen some of the best and most effective eyelash serums to make your or choosing process easier. Let us take a look:

  1. NourishLash Eyelash Growth Serum

NourishLash is a high quality brand that produces cruelty free and vegan lash enhancing products. One of its famous products is called NourishLash Eyelash Growth Serum. This serum has highly nourishing attributes and uses natural and organic ingredients that will greatly help your lashes become stronger, longer, and thicker. This NourishLash growth serum contains essential peptides, grape stem cells, biotin and green tea extracts, which are all natural, healthy, and plant based ingredients so that you can use it without worrying about the unwanted consequences. In addition to including botanical ingredients, NourishLash eyelash serum does not include harmful ingredients such as silicones, parabens, phthalates, and gluten. It is also free of any fragrances and oils. It is absolutely allergy free and will calm and reduce any existing inflammation and will effectively add to the length and the volume of your lashes. This serum has an added conditioning effect on the eyelashes, which also helps with the fragility of the lashes and helps them be stronger and thicker. It is one of the safest and the greatest lash serums that you can find on the market, and all the customer reviews available for this product prove this fact.

  1. WooLash Eyelash Growth Serum

Another great lash serum that is available for purchase is called WooLash Eyelash Growth Serum. WooLash is another innovative brand with a specialty in producing high quality eyelash enhancement products. This serum owns a unique formula that has been through many clinical tests by professionals, and it is one of the safest eyelash serums to use. This serum goes with every type of lashes and it will help the eyelashes to become visibly denser and fuller. It contains effective ingredients that are botanical in nature and enriched with many nutrients that are necessary for the growth of your eyelashes. Some of these ingredients are different peptides, minerals, and vitamins that effectively boost up the look of your lashes and give them a very natural curl. In addition to all these positive characteristics, you can choose and use the serum without being worried about the environment and the innocent lives of animals because WooLash growth serum is entirely cruelty free and no animals or live beings have been harmed or suffered during the production process. There are a lot of positive reviews written about this vegan eyelash serum. They indicate that this serum gave the users’ lashes a significant boost in length and volume, and also it greatly helped with the health and revitalization of their eyelashes.

WooLash is a well-known American brand that offers the best eyelash serum to its loyal customers. Adding this eye care brand to your skincare routine will help you get longer, thicker and fuller lashes in a short period of time. The WooLash eyelash serum contains natural ingredients that really work and cause no side effects. WooLash reviews show great satisfaction among customers. WooLash serum reviews are an indication of its quality.

  1. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Grande Cosmetics is one of the leading brands in producing beauty and skincare products. One of its most popular products is a lash serum called Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH Eyelash Enhancing Serum. This serum is ophthalmologist tested and recommended and can deeply hydrate dry and weak eyelashes. This serum has undergone many tests to prove its safety and is absolutely safe for every type of lashes and skin. It does not include any harmful components, so it will not irritate your dear lashes and eyes. This eyelash serum’s formulation is so efficient since it meets all the needs of your lashes. It contains ingredients such as amino acids and all the necessary vitamins for beautiful and healthy lashes. It will greatly make your lashes look darker, longer, and denser.  Many customers of this lash serum have regarded it as one of the best products they have purchased, and they said applying the serum greatly helped them have more beautiful and stronger eyelashes.

  1. Vegamour GRO Lash Serum

Another lash serum on the list belongs to the famous band Vegamour. Vegamour GRO Lash Serum is completely free of hormones and will not cause any side effects to your eyelashes and eyelids. Another plus is this serum being cruelty free and vegan, so you can purchase and apply it to your lashes with peace of mind. It will directly target your lash follicles and help them produce more attractive, longer, and stronger lashes. It contains natural and botanical based ingredients such as red clover and mung bean to prevent the loosening of your lashes. It also includes amino acids and peptides to fortify the lashes and make them grow faster and thicker. There are a lot of great reviews about this lash serum available and they all speak of the effectiveness of this lash serum in lengthening and beautifying the appearance of the lashes.

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