Everything You Need To Know About Lean Ground Meat

Lean ground beef means beef with the least amount of fat. The leaner the beef is, the healthier it is. Extra lean ground beef is the most nutritious of all beef. Extra-lean means 90% protein by weight.

Extra lean ground beef contents (per 100 grams):

  • Vitamin A 0.1%
  • Calcium 0.5%
  • Iron 16%
  • Saturated fat 12%
  • Trans fat 0.1g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 0.3g
  • Monounsaturated fat 1.7g 
  • Cholesterol 27%
  • Sodium 3%
  • Potassium 11%
  • Protein 25g
  • Calories 149
  • Calories from fat 42
  • Cholesterol 25%

Lean and Extra Lean

Lean meat has meat from both breasts and thighs. Extra leanness comes mainly from breasts. So, according to nutritionists, while both are excellent sources of proteins, vitamins B, and zinc, extra-lean is better for your health than standard lean meat.


  • Iron

Having extra lean red meat gives you iron which is essential for healthy red blood cells. Your blood contains hemoglobin which is an iron-containing pigment that gives your blood the red colour and helps to carry oxygen.

  • Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12, found in beef, also helps in the healthy production of your blood red blood cells. It also affects other tissues, enhancing neurological function and aiding in fat and protein metabolism.

  • Coenzyme Q10

One should consume beef for coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant. It protects your cells from harmful radicals formed by your metabolism. The cells that produce energy depend on coenzyme Q10.

How To Make It?

Try out different kinds of seasoning without adding saturated fat or salt to your beef. Cook it in olive oil and add pepper and lemon to season the meat: Challenger grill cart or roast your meat for the best results. 

  • Diet

Yes, of course, extra-lean ground beef also contains fat but only a minimal amount. That amount of fat is necessary for your body. Try to consume beef at a moderate amount. Overeating beef, no matter how healthy it is, can cause harm to your metabolism.

  • Healthy

Protein is the primary unit of beef, and without protein, we would not be having any type of energy. Protein helps maintain muscle tissues and aids in the various functions of our body. These also help your body to develop bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. The selenium in beef also aids in DNA synthesis and maintaining hormone production. 

  • Storage

Another benefit of having beef is storing the meat for almost four days in your refrigerator. It does not decay and stays fresh.

  • Misconception

We have a misconception that beef is harmful to health and often causes heart diseases. If we have beef all the time with cheese and other heavy toppings, you will fall sick. This happens because of the extra add-ons and not due to beef itself.


Beef, especially extra lean ground beef, has a lot of good sides, which are always overshadowed. It is perfect for health, has low fat, and has very high protein content. It will provide energy for the workout and will help us maintain a healthy body. 

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