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Melbourne is the iconic city as well as the capital city of the state of Victoria. When Captain James Cook explored and mapped the east coast of Australia, he never came close to the modern Melbourne we know.

Still, the Cooks’ Cottage is a tourist attraction in the city located at Fitzroy Gardens. The cottage might be named after him, but it’s common knowledge that the British explorer never inhabited it. If you’re interested in Captain James Cook Signature and his epic adventure, you must read what’s inside the link.

However, our topic of discussion today is not the history of Melbourne. It’s not even the life legacy of Captain Cook. Instead, it’s the situation of online gambling in Melbourne. And we’re using BetZillion as our reference to present accurate information to you.

Everything You Need to Know About Sports Betting in Melbourne BetZillion

What Is BetZillion?

BetZillion is a sports betting help site that reviews online sportsbooks, shares various betting guides, shares tips, and predictions, and, most importantly, educates regular punters about online betting. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete. chicks info Recent Viral Information Here

On the main website, you can sort wagering guides that are reviews based on region. Australia and Oceania are one of the offered regions. If you’re looking for reliable online betting sites that accept players from Melbourne, you’ll find a complete list of betting sites.

But in this Upscale Life Magazine feature, we will explore the legal situation of online betting and how you can determine whether a site is worth your time.

Is Online Betting Legal in Melbourne?

Before we can get to the legal situation in Melbourne, we have to look at Australia as a whole. Gambling in the country is regulated based on the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, which clearly states that betting on actual money events is illegal.

However, later amendments to the legislation allowed “licensed” operators to broadcast and promote online betting on a small scale.

Interestingly, the federal government does not regulate gambling in the country.

Instead, the state authorities can control online and offline gambling as they see fit.

As Melbourne is a part of the state of Victoria, the authority, in this case, is the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. According to the website, “any person or organization that intends to conduct gaming activities, work in the gaming industry, or supply liquor in Victoria must apply for a license or permit.”

It somewhat contradicts the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, but it’s undoubtedly good news for the bettors in Melbourne. It shows that it’s still possible to participate in online gambling as long as the operator has a license from VGCCC.

On top of that, if you keep exploring the website, you’ll notice that “Bookmaker” is a valid category on the license application menu.

How to Find the Best Online Betting Sites in Melbourne: A BetZillion Guide

Now that you’re up to date with the gambling legislation of the city, we can move on to the more critical aspect. How to find the best online betting sites? Thankfully, the betting experts at BetZillion have already listed the sites for your convenience on the main website.

What we’re going to do is educate you on how to navigate through these sites independently.

Make Sure the Site is Licensed by VGCCC

According to the current laws in Victoria; any gambling operator must apply for and obtain a license from the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. So, when you first encounter a betting site that claims to accept players from Melbourne, you must ensure it complies with the rules.

Thankfully, finding the licensing information is not a complex task to complete. All you must do is scroll down to the website’s footer section. If you can’t find anything there, it’s your first red flag.

Now, go to the terms and conditions section. If there is a license, it should be mentioned within the first few clauses. If you still can’t find the license provider or the license number, chances are the betting site is not legal in Melbourne. Get out and look for a different option.

To avoid such disappointments, pick a site from BetZillion. The experts have already tested all the listed places. You can also read complete reviews on the brands before you commit any real money to make an informed decision.

Read Real User Reviews

Let us share a neat trick with you. Not many betting guides will let you do that, but it’s perhaps the best way to test a betting site’s reputation in Australia.

Visit sites like

  • Trustpilot
  • Reddit
  • Twitch.

Use the integrated search engine on these websites to search the name of the betting site you’re investigating. Chances are high that other people have tried these before you, which means you’ll find discussion threads.

Go through as many threads as you can. When it’s actual users, don’t expect any sugar-coated reviews. And that’s precisely what you need to strengthen your position.

Check the Accepted Payment Methods

Just because a payment method works in a different state doesn’t mean it will work in Melbourne. You already know how decentralized the laws in Australia are. As a resident, you know which methods are legal in the city and which ones you can access easily.

When choosing an online betting site, ensure it has at least a few payment methods. It’s very typical for a payment method not to work occasionally. In those cases, you can use an alternative approach. We recommend ensuring multiple payment methods because you need a backup.

Look at the Sports Library

Last, you must evaluate the sports library before signing up. After all, you’re signing up to bet on sports. If you can’t find the sports you want, what’s the point, right? Go through the A-Z sports section as well as the markets.

Final Recap and Tips for Sports Betting in Melbourne

  1. Always bet at licensed sites and cross-check the license on the VGCCC website
  2. Compare odds at multiple online bookmakers, even international ones, to check if the odds are fair or not
  3. Research the sports you’re targeting before you commit any real money


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