Everything you need to know about the Puffing in Real estate

The term Puffing in real estate is when the salesperson makes overemphasizes claims to grab the attention of the buyers in order to get the deal. Due to it, the buyer can show more interest in purchasing the property. When it comes to puffing, agents should only give their own opinion and not impose it on the other masses; otherwise, it becomes illegal.  

What is puffing in real estate? 

When you decide to purchase any property, you should be aware of what is puffing in real estateThe other definition of puffing is making excessively praise and worthy statements about the product and item which is showed to the client. The primary purpose of puffing is to enhance the buyer’s interest in the product which salesperson is selling.

It can be considered a legitimate way to sell things to the masses unless the statements are made to exploit the buyers. In addition to it, puffing can be like a white lie. The salesperson tells it to sell something odd to the customer. 

Indispensable facts about the puffing in real estate

Puffing is defined as when the agent tells a lie or makes a false opinion to gain the buyer’s attention. You can easily find the broker, agents, and salesperson in the world of real estate, which always explicates the striking feature of the property in order to sell them. They do not mention the facts about it. In addition to it, there are also the chances all the claims or points are baseless and, to no small extent, fake. 

Apart from it, here is the list of some essential facts about puffing in real estate.

  • Concealing the negative point or the hard facts about the property is not illegal.
  • If an agent who explains the property is not making any fraudulent opinions, it indicates that they puff legally. 
  • If the agents create any fraud or false statement regarding the property, it is considered illegal puffing. 
  • When you are looking for genuine deals about the property, then puffing is frustrating too. This is because you are seeking the best real-time deals.
  • If you know about puffing, then it is a good fun time pass activity. You will get the chance to observe by which ways masses make the false stamen just for garbing the attention.
  • Puffing depends upon the agent to agent and what kind of property you will be going to buy. 

Apart from that, it is a debatable issue that either puffing is illegal or not. In addition to that, it relies on the agent how he explains the property. If the seller party wants that agent to mention the positive points in front of the buyer, nothing is wrong. On the other hand, when the agent does not clearly explain and give false details about the property, it becomes an issue.   

Different between the puffing in Real Estate and Misrepresentation 

There is not a fundamental difference between misrepresentation and puffing in real estateIn addition to that, it relies on the loyalty of the seller. 

  • Puffing can be categorized as legal because it is a way to express an opinion. 
  • On the other side, misrepresentation is considered false or fraud because the agent tells a lie about the property or material he will sell. 

In the end, it is essential that not to fall into the trap of puffing in real estateIf you purchase that property that is worthless, then it is a wastage of money for you. 


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