Everything You Need to Know About Twitch Sensation Fintan Hand

Irish poker player Fintan Hand has become a huge success on the Twitch streaming platform lately. With his online popularity growing all the time, this is a good moment to take a look at who he is and why he is now such big news.

The Story So Far

Fintan Hand is a professional poker player who started as a dealer before moving around to the other side of the table to start placing wagers. He uses the nickname EasyWithAces online and his Twitch account has over 106,000 followers. Hand also has more than 17,000 people following his account on Twitter.

The Irish player achieved one of his goals when he got to the final table of the Irish Open in his home city of Dublin. He streams online poker games five days a week, chatting to his followers about his life and poker in general as he explains different things about the game.

Interestingly, his fame doesn’t really reflect his standing in the game so far, as the Global Poker Index rates Hand outside the top 41,000 in the world and at number 395 in Ireland. His annual earnings have been modest to date, with 2017 being the only year in which he has passed the £20,000 mark. His live poker cash total sits at just over £20,000, while total career earnings are just over £52,000.

Why Has He Become So Popular?

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The truth is that Fintan Hand’s online fame is far more impressive than his poker career to date. The Irishman has gained his following from showing an easy-going, approachable manner and having a forward-thinking outlook on poker streaming. Hand thinks that the best poker streamers should be able to reach at least 50,000 viewers.

He says that he has lots of ideas for making his streams even more approachable and using Twitch to add a genuine community feel to the poker world. It is worth noting that he never claims to be a top-notch player, and some of his most popular videos show mistakes he has made and hands he has lost. 

How Big Could Poker Streaming Become?

There is no doubt that the game of poker has become a hot topic right now. According to figures from the TwitchMetrics site, EasyWithAces is the third most-watched Twitch streamer for this game. The leader is Lex Veldhuis, followed by Ben Spragg. Veldhuis is currently well ahead of the others and set a personal record of over 35,000 simultaneous viewers when he reached the final table of a $5,200 game in 2020.

In terms of overall followers, runitup is the leader with more than 237,000 people. As more people start playing poker online, it seems likely that the popularity of the main streamers increases, while new players are probably going to try to break into this market as well. As we covered here at, this could become one of the most popular types of online business before too long if it continues to grow at the current rate.

One reason poker streaming is now so popular is that there are many sites where players can join in. The site confirms that it is easy to get signed up with GG Poker, Dafabet, 888Poker and other leading names. These operators also offer incentives like free tournaments and welcome packages for new members. This makes the idea of playing poker online something that is now more attractive, as well as simple to try. For those who want to try something different, there also some variants to look into if you want a break from poker.


What Does the Future Hold for Fintan Hand?

Given his career to date, it seems likely that he has more success with his streaming channel and social media than as a professional poker player. The competitive poker scene is incredibly difficult to earn money in, with a huge number of extremely talented players battling it out at every tournament. Hand would need to show a remarkable improvement to shoot up the global rankings.

However, it could be that he has timed his career on Twitch and social media perfectly. The number of people now interested in finding out more about this classic card game and the rise of online streaming mean that he could be in the right place at the right time to build up a very successful career on Twitch.

Fintan Hand is definitely a name to look out for in the future, and he should remain in the group of leading poker streamers who are helping to introduce the game to a new audience.

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