Evil Eye- A Myth, Belief & Jewelry

When you search the words “evil eye jewelry” on google, it turns up with hundreds of results. Each website sells their own designs and interpretations in a variety of jewelry forms like rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. It is astonishing and yet at the same point not so much if you consider the amount of people who have faith in these tiny blue and black trinkets.

The simplest of description of an evil eye charm is: a bead or a disc shaped motif that is mostly rendered in the shape of an eye, with a bright blue or black iris which is surrounded by circles of white, blue and aqua blue. The souks or the covered markets of Greece, Turkey, Israel sell a variety of evil eye charms which are incorporated in all types of jewellery pieces.

Throughout history, numerous cultures and religions around the world have worn an evil eye as an amulet as a means of protection from the malevolent gaze of someone who envies other people’s good fortune and wishes harm.

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The History of Evil Eye

The meaning and history of evil eye is so deeply rooted that you will also find pagan connotations of it!  The evil eye is also mentioned in the verses of religious texts like the Quran and the Bible. These amulets were first discovered in the excavations of Syria which dated back to 3300 B.C.E. The famous philologist Fredrick Thomas Elworthy also wrote a book on evil eye charms named, “The Evil Eye: The Origins and Practices of Superstitions”, which clearly mentions that the concept of evil eye roots in the basis of an angry person’s gaze which has such a malignant influence that it penetrates the air and corrupt the bodies of the living forms, thus bringing in misfortune.

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Evil Eye in jewelry and myths

It is believed that there are three categories of evil eyes.The first is the unconscious evil eye, these are known to harm people and things without any prior intention. The second type that intends to harm the other, and the third one is the unseen, hidden evil which is the most scary one.

The wearing of evil jewelry or the eye talisman might have started from Ancient Egypt, that spread to the Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe, and Central America. The most common myth regarding the evil eye is that if anyone looks at someone with an envious eye, that person fills the surrounding atmosphere with negative energy and transmits this energy onto the other person with disdain, causing misfortune.

The Evil Eye is made in a composition of blue, black and white gemstones, in most cultures there are also green evil eyes. The beads or gemstones reflect the evil intent back to the onlooker. Different cultures have a different variant of evil eye, but mostly the motif resembles an eye with the aforesaid blue color which is a major factor in protecting the wearer. These were typically made from the glass beads of the Aegean islands and Asia Minor, which were completely dependent on glass production for jewelry. And the blue beads, it first came from the Egyptian glazed mud, which contains high percentage of oxides; the copper and cobalt give the the blue color when the beads are baked.

Although the symbol of Evil Eye has undergone widespread circulation among the entire world. The symbol had the ability to transcend boundaries: be they cultural, geographical or religious, and it continues to be prominent. If one does not believe in its powers it is worth considering that it is a mere trinket or fashion statement which is chic and trendy.

Evil eye comes in a variety of jewelry options like necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc and is one of the most popular charms in jewelry.

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Evil eye comes in a variety of jewelry options like 14k gold evil eye necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc and is one of the most popular charms in jewelry.


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