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I felt a little boring after I handed in several mid-term reports last week. I wanted to find something to do for myself. I heard that the Japanese attach certain importance to certificates. If there are several certificates in hand, you will be regarded as excellent by the HR. At the same time, I had a course for NTT DATA engineers this semester, one of the which talked about basic AWS (Amazon Web Service) services. So I really felt the importance of certificates.

Unlike Chinese mainland, Japanese enterprises take IT services as their first business, and Japanese companies we know mainly sell products, so keeping data centers themselves is very uneconomical. Moreover, Japan does not worried about the United States so it is safe to use the cloud computing services of the United States. Therefore, well-known enterprises such as MUJI, UNIQLO and Canon have transferred IT services to the cloud. Above, I personally think that if I want to work in Japan in the future, learning how to use AWS platform may be an advantage for my job application because in the future, more enterprises will transfer IT to AWS (That’s just my guess. After all, I haven’t worked yet).


I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam at the bottom level. It is an entry-level examination for product managers and IT practitioners who want to have a preliminary understanding of AWS launched in 2018. The qualification to participate in this examination is that you have not participated in the Associate and Professional examination before. The examination fee of Foundationl exam is $100, and that of Associate and Professional exam is $150. If you pass the Foundationl exam, you will have a 50% off discount for the next examination. In this way, it’s quite cost-effective to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam first.

AWS Certification System

The specific test outline and question bumps can be found in AWS training (view website). The test outline for cloud practitioners is even in Chinese, which is very considerate.

The test questions are multiple-choice questions. You can do 65 questions in an hour and a half. You can pass the test with a correct rate of more than 70%. When registering for the examination, you can choose the language. If you choose Chinese, the texts are translated by machines, but you can view the original English texts. If you sign up in English, the texts are English directly. Amazon outsources the test and you can take the test through two test center systems (PSI and Pearson VUE). By the way, Huawei and Cisco certification are also arranged by this test center system.

As for preparing for the exam, you can practice two to three hours a day, three days to read materials and two days to do questions.


The results of the exam are given on the spot. If you pass, you will receive an email that informs you when you get home.


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