Experience Dubai At Night: Top 5 Places To Visit

It is always exciting to travel to new places. The giddy feeling of being in a completely new place is enough to fuel our spirits and give us the energy to enjoy sightseeing during the day. Rush hours, crowded streets, and souvenir shops are all worth experiencing. But what about all the nocturnal experiences we may be missing out on? Especially in a city as magical as Dubai that stays alive even during the wee hours of the night. 

So, don’t stay in and rest at night while in Dubai. Take a look at this exhaustive itinerary for different kinds of experiences that you can choose from, according to your mood. 

Your Night-inerary For Dubai

From clubs to late-night food stalls, Dubai has something for every kind of traveler—be it loved ones who want to keep it simple, or people who want to ride into the dark nights. Let’s dive in.

Dubai Fountain Show

With a music and light show that leaves you awe-struck, the Dubai Fountain Show is on the must-visit list of every tourist. You can watch this stunning spectacle from the Dubai Mall just like the locals do or travel on a traditional “abra” ferry to experience it up close. The “abra” ferry can be boarded at Burj Lake, which will take you through the fountain and give a breathtaking view of the city at night. This is where the magic of Dubai unfolds.

Overnight Desert Safari

Take an overnight desert safari and feel the cool breeze of the night  as you drive through the expansive Arabian desert. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? To add to the adrenaline rush of driving on the dunes, some safaris also offer an overnight stay in the desert. This is complete with a delectable barbecue dinner and an astounding belly dancing show. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Party All Night At Base

You cannot experience the Dubai nightlife without partying at Base. The host of world-class shows and productions, Base is an immersive and a one-of-a-kind party venue. You’ll most likely be partying here until you see the first ray of sunshine, thanks to its open-air venue. People who have partied here before often describe the place as a premium music festival, where everyone is full of energy. Base is definitely a go-to nightclub for the city’s party animals, and it might just become yours too.


Believe it or not, a city as populous as Dubai hosts many viewpoints for stargazing. These viewpoints are the Dubai Astronomy Group’s best-kept secrets as you don’t just look at a clear, starry sky but also see the movements of many other celestial bodies. To add a little more twinkle to this experience, the stargazing tours are free, which means you can sit under the stars and experience something extraordinary. All you need to do is register in advance and select a meeting point of your choice.

Scuba Diving

Dubai has vibrant marine life and is one of the most loved cities for its scuba diving experience. But why limit the exploration of the deep ocean to the daytime? Some scuba diving centers in Dubai are open late into the night, allowing you to experience this while the world sleeps. The water is absolutely clear and you’ll get to witness a variety of aquatic animals and plants. So, if you’re a nocturnal animal, this surreal experience should be on your bucket list.

Traveling At Night

While Dubai never sleeps, booking a cab here can often feel like a task, especially when you’re tired after all the nighttime sightseeing you’ve done. Even in the early hours of the morning, when you’re just returning after stargazing or leaving from the overnight safari, you may find yourself getting frustrated by surge pricing or by how long it takes to book a cab.

So if you’re planning a night full of sightseeing, you might as well take the most convenient travel option: renting a car. Self-drive mobility solutions like ekar help you rent a car on-demand and also offer monthly subscriptions. With its inclusive pricing and ‘no commitments’ policy, it’s the most hassle-free option to travel in Dubai. Moreover, booking an ekar is quick and easy: you book a vehicle of your choice, locate it using the ekar app, and unlock the vehicle. You can travel seamlessly and see the beauty of Dubai at night, experiencing the city to its fullest. 

What’s your next nighttime adventure in Dubai going to be?


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