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Vietnam is a long narrow nation, which is shaped like the letter “S” located in southeast Asia. it is established on the eastern side of the peninsula known as Indochina. This country is very scenic that includes its culture, rich foods, people, and landscapes. It has attracted the world with its tourist spots and gorgeous view.

One of the most beautiful and mysterious spots in Vietnam is Halong Bay, in northeast Vietnam with emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. Thanks to its mesmerizing beauty, UNESCO has declared it with two different titles respectfully. It is also placed second in the world’s seven new natural wonders list. With nearly 3000 small islands, it assures you to bring the most out of your unexpected experiences. Having a taste of the beauty of Halong bay will be worth your money and visit Vietnam.

Ha Long Means Descending Dragon, Dragon plays an important role in Vietnamese culture.

Halong Bay is also known as the most romantic tourist place for couples as well for Family Holidays. The cruise ride is the most famous there. Admiring the Sunsets at the bay and watching the Stars at night while sitting at the Bay is breathtaking. But make sure to know the weather before you pay your visit Because during autumn and winter it will be a bit hard to experience such spectacular magic. To accompany that night view, you will witness the sun rising with the bay view. The world has so many things to offer this is one of them. You will be also enjoying the seafood of Halong Bay making your tummy full! 

Are you thinking about how to get there? 

Well, most people go there by car or airplane, then take the cruise, but what if I tell you to take a Vietnam Motorbikes trip? Yes, you heard me right. Vietnam Motorbike tours should be a must for a country like this. Vietnam is known for its bike madness.

Why take a Vietnam motorcycle trip?

Vietnam is full of Motorcycles and available almost everywhere. It is an easy transport so you can ride it easily.No rushing in the tour for a tight schedule, and beautiful aesthetic through the open rides. where winds can get wild. You have full freedom which you won’t get by car or plane. Different stoppages and easy talking with the locals, Close connections with other riders in the group. Most importantly it is low in cost!!

Due to this, the young people of Vietnam have turned their motorcycle usage to give a pleasing experience to foreigners. It is a dream way to explore and adventure places for riders. Who loves to travel with full freedom and enthusiasm. There are so many clubs for motorcycle trips nowadays which you can easily avail accordingly to your choices and price easily. Even if you have a low budget these clubs get you covered in a budget, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be having the same greetings and experiences. Give this a chance whenever you are planning to visit Vietnam.


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