Eye allergies: What are the causes of eye allergies and the best way to remove it

Eye allergies include redness of the eyes, itchy eyes and watery eyes caused by the same irritation. People with allergies sneeze and runny nose; this is not uncommon. Allergies can cause itching, nasal congestion and runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, redness of the eyes in addition to symptoms, and swelling of the eyelids. In some cases, eye allergies can contribute to the development of conjunctivitis and other eye infections. When you suffer from eye allergies, here are some helpful tips on treating redness, itchy eyes and tears.

Reasons for eye allergies :

Pollen, mould, dust and pets are the leading cause of eye allergies. Eye allergies can also be caused by a reaction to a few preservative-containing cosmetics or eye drops, including a tear option used to treat dry eye. Besides food allergies, allergic reactions to bee stings or other insects usually do not match allergies’ severity to airborne substances.

Treatment :

There are several ways to protect yourself from eye allergies, itchy eyes and watery eyes.

The primary way to control your eye allergies is to try your best to limit your exposure to common allergens where your eyes are sensitive. Use tight-fitting sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen, ragweed, etc. When going out during the allergy season, do not open windows while driving.

Many brands have over-the-counter eye drops to relieve itching, redness and tear symptoms. For relatively mild eye allergies, over-the-counter eye drops can be quite useful and are often cheaper than prescription eye drops or other medications.

Eye allergies What are the causes of eye allergies and the best way to remove it

Contact lenses can attract and store airborne allergens, so it is advisable to use glasses instead of contact lenses during the allergy season. In some cases, it is best to leave the contact lenses on entirely until at least all allergy symptoms are gone. Also, wearing glasses with photochromic lenses can reduce the sensitivity to light caused by allergens and protect airborne allergens’ eyes.

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