Eye-Catchy Bathroom Window Treatments To Play Up With Your Space

There’s no second thought – bathroom renovation costs you time, money, and maybe, a few grey hairs. From bathtub or shower to cabinets to tiles to windows, you’re obliged to make informed choices. Have you given a thought to window treatments? They just don’t lend privacy. They control the natural light coming in, are durable and cast a pop of colour and pattern to the space.

So, while preparing for a bathroom renovation, you must think over the functional part of the space – window treatments. Some ideas include blinds, roller, shades, curtains, shutters and many more. You can embrace uniqueness to your bathroom by reading the five eye-catchy bathroom window treatments.

  • Natural-Looking Faux Wood

Bathrooms are moisture-prone rooms; that means the décor sitting inside it should be water-repellent and long-lasting. Likewise, water splashes can easily damage the delicate window dress. In that case, Faux wood blinds are your best bet. Not only do they render the natural beauty of the wood grain, but they also practicability of man-made materials.

Besides that, Faux wood blinds are sturdy and don’t warp and crack. Likewise, they stand strong against natural sunlight without fading their colour. Furthermore, they come with a low-maintenance feature; you don’t have to dwell on its cleaning to keep up their pristine look.

  • Elegant Draperies

Simple draperies are a foolproof way to block the sunlight generously and bring in privacy when needed. They hung in the bathrooms with streamlined sophistication, being a focal point of the space. If ornating the room is on top of your mind, then grab the opportunity of adding pattern and colour with elegant draperies.

These types of window treatments blur the view of your bathroom, though silhouettes material would be seen. You can employ café curtains on the second storey or if your bathroom faces the busy street. If not, join hands with Roman shades (that’s exactly our third window treatment) or sturdy fabric.

  • Luxurious Roman Shades

The most versatile bathroom window treatment among others! Since decades, the Roman shades have gotten popular for contemporary bathrooms, but for good reasons! They’re modest, practical and turn heads of the gazers. As well, control the sunlight, swallow the sound and be gentle around the hard backdrop.

Most importantly, its luxurious fabric stands out, making it look luxe. Along with fine tailoring, the material suits the hard background. Plus, Roman shades are customisable, easy to use, and no doubt trendy. With Roman shades in your space, you can choose some must-have bathroom accessories to get a complete relaxing vibe.

  • Stylish Café Curtains

Café curtains are a traditional way of bathroom window treatments. They are a ceaseless option. They not only render privacy and control light but also are available in a wide range of materials. You can either hang fully from top to bottom or just halfway up. Plus, they are attached to simple rings belonging to a slim rod.

Mostly, in the white backdrop, homeowners prefer sunny hues. If you’ve got a farmhouse-style bathroom, then this airy café curtain is a must-have. It’s a clean, bright window bathroom treatment that provides privacy while allowing some light to come in.

  • Chic Vinyl Shutters

Bathroom window treatments have two basic criteria – privacy and control light. Vinyl shutters fulfil both, along with providing a sleek look. Those who crave a rustic look can give the nod to Vinyl shutters. Also, unlike wood, they don’t warp or crack.

Additionally, Vinyl shutters stand strong years after years without any suffering. The top reason for its durability is its water-proof nature. In that case, they don’t rust and have discolouration. This way, your bathroom will look dressed up properly, making it a perfect addition to the space.

Give Love To Your Windows!

Like every human being, windows also call for love. By opting for any one of the above window treatments, you can shower all your love on your windows. If you can’t decide on anyone, then mix and match can help you achieve uniqueness. Also, make sure that you choose a low-maintenance one that helps keep your bathroom clean and good-looking always!

Experiment with shutters and drapery or simply faux – this mix and match will liven up your bathroom look. Or simply go for wood blinds for your hard surfaces.

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